Castellamare del Golfo

From the panoramic terrace, which looks down on Castellammare del Golfo from the highway, you have to see this amazing view.

The Norman Arabic castle built on the coast is the heart of the city. Its charm has not diminished over the centuries. The building is a mix of styles that are evident due to the many settlements that have ruled the island over the centuries. Each one of them made the castle Castellammare del Golfo a living witness to history. It is in an amazing position overlooking the gulf. It is now possible for you to walk along its walls due to the opening of a passage.

Castellammare del Golfo is home to many churches and holy sites that date back to all eras. The small Madonna della Scala is a white structure carved into the rock near the port. The Church of the Rosario is located near the castle. It dates back to 1100. These churches are quite plain and not very worthy due to the frequent pirate invasions that stole precious jewels and other valuable stones. The historic center of Castellammare del Golfo is home to Palazzo Crociferi. This magnificent seventeenth-century building was built over the former Church of Santissima Maria degli agonizzanti and the former Convent of the Crociferi.

It’s hard not to admire the beautiful beaches of Castellammare del Golfo, which are located close to the city center. The most popular beaches are Cala Petrolo and Cala Marina. The sea caves can be found if we go west. The most beautiful and important is Santa Margherita, which can be reached by sea. Its walls are decorated with sacred images and date back to the early Christian period. We also realize that Castellammare del Golfo was a treasure chest, containing jewels from both earth and the sea. Its endless wonders will amaze and delight you.

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