Cefala Diana Terme

Cefala Diana’s archeological remains are an exceptional evidence of thermal baths dating back to the arabic rule of Sicily.

This is what most researchers believe. It dates back to the Norman period (12th century) and can be called one of the oldest examples of this type of architecture in Italy. It was designed to take advantage of the thermal springs for healing purposes. It is possible that the waters were used for agricultural purposes as well.

Cefala Diana Terme – ph. Turi Sicilia

It has a 35/38 degree hot water source. Recent reconstructions suggest that it was once part of a hospital complex. There is also an epigraphic panel in Kufic script outside.

The building’s interior is divided into two parts. One has a striking wall with three arches – the center one with an ogival shape, and the other room is covered by a lower, ogival arched vault which houses three tanks that are connected to one another.

Cefala Diana Terme – ph. Robianni

If you’d like to visit them, this address is for you: Strada Provinciale at 77 km 15, 90030 Villafrati in Palermo