Charm, stories, traditions, and beauty from the past are all suggestions and charm. All this can be felt while you walk through the streets of Erike, which is a village that ranks among the most beautiful in Italy. The poet Virgil cites Erice as a part of his most famous work, Aeneid. This makes Erice a stop on the journey of the Trojan hero Aeneas; this hero is also the mythical founder and protector of Rome.

Let’s start our tour at Porta Trapani to discover Erice. We will walk through the alleyways and squares, surrounded by churches and palaces. Open spaces reveal magnificent landscapes. Erice is known for its many churches. In fact, it was once called the city with 100 churches. Although there are fewer churches in Erice, many should be seen. We will be highlighting the Mother Church which is dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta. Its quadrangular bell tower has mullioned windows and serves the purpose of sighting and defense. The right wall of the church has nine crosses. Legend has it that these crosses are from the temple of Venus. They were carried by Frederick of Aragon who was a runaway during the War of the Vespers.

The Spanish neighborhood is one of the most stunning places. This area is believed to have been created during the Spanish rule in order for Spanish soldiers to be accommodated. It was a requirement in every city of Sicily. Erice was home to a blockhouse, with fascinating remains and a church dedicated the cult S. Antonio. However, the Spanish neighborhood was not completed because soldiers were kept in the nearby castle.

Erice’s symbol, the Venus Castle ( Castello di Venere), is built by Normans using materials from the temple Venus in Erice. The castle was surrounded with towers, and just beside them is the Balio, which offers a stunning view of the landscape.

You will see the Tyrrhenian coast and tip of San Vito lo Capo on one side, and on the opposite, the port of Trapani and salt mines, as well as the Egadi.

The Torretta Pepoli is located under the castle walls. Let’s visit the Polo Museale “Antonino Cordici”,the ticket includes a visit the castle and tower.

Let’s try the most famous sweets from Erice. There are many historical sweets laboratories in Erice that offer a wide selection. Sweets are made from the old recipes of nuns from cloistered monasteries.

The marzipan sweets look like lace and are filled with preserved cedar. The Genovesi are filled in hot custard, and then topped with icing sugar. Mustaccioli are classic and honey cookies that have a hint of clove. The marzipan fruits are almond-based and come in soft and natural colors.

You can enjoy this goodness by drinking a Marsala or the traditional liquor Monte Erice. It is well-known for its green color.

Let’s get the traditional hand-made woven Carpets with colored cloth pieces and the hand decorated Ceramic.

You can take the cable car from Trapani up to Erice during the good season. The view from there is spectacular.

Let’s now get ready for hiking. There is a trail that leads to the top of the three churches. “Porta Castellammare-Three Churches” offers a panoramic view of the gulf at Bonagia. It also includes a circuit that circles the mountain, passing by the churches St. Maria Maddalena (St. Ippolito) and Santa Maria Maggiore. It’s a path that was reported by the CAI. simple and beautiful.