Pantalica’s Rocky Necropolis

This archeological site is located near Siracusa on a cliff overlooking the Anapo river gorges. It is rich in history and offers a rare opportunity for canyoning enthusiasts to take a dip in the fresh water.

The south-east of Sicily was inhabited long before the greek colonization. It was populated both from the seaside and rocky mountains by different settlements. These archeological sites can be visited as well as the Pantalica Necropoli, which has artificial caves. It is possible to date the presence of human beings around 70.000 years ago. Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens settled there.

Grotta di S Nicolicchio a Pantalica – ph.Ignazio Mannarano

Cities were not yet born in the classical Greek period. Iron was not yet common and bronze was the only technological breakthrough. .

This era is Omero’s Iliade, Odissea, and was when it was the Miceneo Era and its population, represented in the legend Agamennone to surf the oceans looking for new commercial port. Pantalica is at its peak power. *

escursione a Pantalica – ph. Ignazio Mannarano

Around this time, the scenographic cemetery, with approximately 5000 tombs in the natural rock, and the Anaktoron, (Palazzo del Principe), are located at the top of the hill. They recall the Micenei buildings magnificence.

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