The Ebook “Italy Explained”: Italian Trains is Now Available

Last Thursday, I accomplished something I had been working towards for almost two years.

On my first ebook, I clicked “publish”.

It’s called Italy explained: Italian Trains and contains all of my knowledge and advice on train travel in Italy. It’s a Kindle ebook. This means that it can be downloaded on any device using the Kindle app or online. After so many hours spent editing, rewriting and fussing with the coding details of the Kindle publishing system, I am finally able to release it in the real world.

So that you can always find the book, I have added a link to it in the Italy Explained shop. Once the book is in the Kindle Store for the required time, I will offer a discount to my subscribers to the newsletter. If you haven’t already signed up for the newsletter, this might be a good reason!

It was quite a journey to reach this point. However, I noticed the empty space to the right in my newly-minted Amazon Author Page.

Which topic would you like me tackle next?

John Picken Photography created the book cover photo.

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