Turin is our favorite city in Italy. It is a hidden gem, a little-known city, and far less touristy than other Italian cities such as Milan, Venice, Rome, and Rome. This guide will help you answer the question, “Is Turin worth visiting?” by giving you 7 reasons to include Turin in your Italy itinerary.

It has been described as the Paris of Italy. It almost feels like you are walking through Turin’s grand boulevards and taking in the gorgeous historical architecture, old-school tramways, and intricately-designed churches. But it is truly Italian.

You can have an authentic Italian experience, without the crowds and chaos of the more famous Italian cities. We are certain that you will be asking yourself why you haven’t visited Turin sooner. So is Turin worth visiting? Let’s take a look at the 7 reasons why Turin is worth visiting!

Turin is the home of the best chocolate in the world. We’re talking Nutella, yes! Pietro Ferrero is the creator of Ferrero Rocher, world-class hazelnut chocolate.

Turin is a city with a rich history in chocolate. It was the first to make milk chocolate with hazelnuts, also known as gianduja. You will find a multitude of chocolatiers that highlight the artisanal flavor and techniques behind these mouthwatering creations as you walk through the streets. This alone will convince you that Turin is worth visiting.

Guido Gobino is a legend. It combines avant-garde and traditional techniques to make the delicious gianduja.

Bicerin, a Turin chocolate coffee drink is the best. This drink is perfect for anyone who loves both coffee and chocolate. This drink combines espresso, milk, and chocolate in one delicious cup. This is the best place to test it out: Caffe Al Bicerin.

Turin is the ultimate foodie paradise, with everything from gelato to wine to cafes.
Turin is a true foodie paradise. You can taste the finest of Italian cuisine at an affordable price here.

Turin also has some of the finest cafes. You can have a cup of coffee at a fair price, but you will be seated in the most historic and luxurious coffee houses like Caffe Mulassano and Baratti & Milano.

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Another interesting fact about food is that the Gelato cone was invented in Turin at Caffe Fiorio in 1780. These gelatos taste amazing and are the best we have ever had.

The Piedmont region is home to Turin, the centre of which is well-known for its wine. It is a wine region that is internationally renowned for its red wines and grapes. There are many restaurants that offer wine tastings. A dedicated wine and food walking tour is also available.

Day trips to Turin offer a personalized wine tasting experience. Lange’s Barolo Vineyards are the best.

Turin can be easily linked to other major European cities
Turin, which is located in the French Alps of Italy, is our gateway to Italy. We were attracted to Turin because it is a major Italian city and was way less well-known than other Italian cities.

Turin can be easily linked to many cities in France, South of France and Switzerland, as well as Geneva and other important Italian hubs. Because it is so easily accessible, it is a simple decision to add it to your itinerary. It is also an easy day trip from Milan.

Having said that, is Turin worth visiting. Definitely, yes! If you are heading to France, Switzerland, Italy or Switzerland in the first place, it’s a great stopover.

Turin is the holy place for aperitivo
Our Turin experience was enriched by the culture of aperitivo. This is a regional concept where you order an alcoholic drink and a buffet of small bites.

You can order one glass of wine, or two, and then spend the entire night dining and drinking with your friends or partner. The buffet will be replenished with delicious, bite-sized Italian food.

These operatives are usually only $10-12 per glass. Is that really so cheap? What’s more, a fancy cocktail and buffet at that price in Europe? It’s unheard of! It is a must-see! For those who prefer, you can also take a private tour of the city and enjoy a tasting.

Turin is one of the most underrated Italian cities
Turin is a place that’s often overlooked. You will find some of the most beautiful sights, restaurants, and museums in Turin, which is why it is so popular. You can visit lesser-known, but equally impressive museums like the Egyptian Museum or the National Museum of Cinema.

Offbeat Escapes – Is Turin worth visiting? – The most underrated city in Italy 6
There are many parks and piazzas throughout the city, as well as a wide variety of gardens. The Pro River runs through the city. It is the ideal spot to enjoy the cool water and a cold beer as you watch the sunset. You will be convinced that Turin is worth visiting.

Turin offers beautiful views of the Italian Alps
You can enjoy stunning views of the mountains from the top of the alps as you stroll around the city. Take in Santa Maria di Monte dei Cappuccini’s view. Turin is a wonderful mix of French, Italian, and alpine beauty. It is very similar to Grenoble, but with more romantic views and a different vibe.

It is also close to the Italian Alps so there are plenty of day trips for adventurers. For example, you can hike the Gran Paradiso in Aosta Valley, or visit the amazing Saint Michael’s Abbey (Sacra di San Michele), a hilltop pilgrimage site set against the backdrop of the Italian Alps. It’s a stunning sight and will answer all your questions about Turin’s worthiness.

Turin is not just Italy’s hidden treasure, but it’s also a historical jewel.
The town’s baroque and Renaissance architecture is stunning and makes for a wonderful stroll.

Further back in history, Turin was the first capital of Italy. It also served as the home of the Savoy royal house. You’ll find a variety of palaces, churches, and buildings that were built originally for the royals.

For example, the UNESCO World Heritage Site is Palazzo Reale or Residence of Royal House of Savoy. It is brimming with cultural and historical touches that will make it a pleasure to walk its streets. This 3 hour Torino tour takes you through the historic highlights of the city.

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