10 Top Day Trips From Naples

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Naples is one of the most stunning and fascinating cities in Italy. There are many other amazing attractions all around Campania’s capital. You will find 10 top day trips from Naples, Italy in our gallery. These are the most exciting things to do, eat, taste and buy! Are you ready for adventure?

Italy’s best day trip from Naples

You should be aware of the top things to do while you are in Naples. However, you also need to know about the numerous landmarks beaches and other interesting and interactive activities you can do if your day includes some trips to Naples.

1. Pompeii Ruins

It is a great day trip from Naples, Italy. Pompeii is a must-see when visiting Naples. It’s a vibrant, elegant Roman city that was buried by the devastating eruption of Vesuvius, 79 AD.

Only a fraction of the city’s ancient remains were discovered by chance in 18th-century Italy. The Casa del Fauno is a massive structure that houses various activities. There’s also the Sanctuary of the Public Lares which is one of the most fascinating buildings in Pompeii. And the Casa dei Vettii whose interior features precious mosaics and frescoes. Follow the steps of the ancient Romans, starting at their home, then moving on to the spa or gym, then to the theater and finally to the brothel.

Together with nearby Herculaneum and Pompeii are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We recommend that you request a guided tour. This will be a truly memorable experience. This is one of the most memorable day trips from Naples.

2. Vesuvius Park

Vesuvius is a symbol for Naples and Campania. It is worth taking a day trip from Naples to Vesuvius. The volcano is located in the middle a beautiful natural park that includes nine trails. You can start at 1,000m and reach the highest point of the hike at 1,200m. This is where you will find the extinct crater.

The Vesuvian Observatory is the oldest volcanological observatory on the planet, and can be found at the summit. Gran Cono is the most popular excursion. It takes a shorter route, and is suitable for all ages. The Valle dell’Inferno excursion is more challenging and takes place mostly on a solidifiedlava bed through a pine wood. Both are very exciting! Enjoy a day trip from Naples to Vesuvius and enjoy a truly unique experience.

3. Campi Flegrei

Take the metro line 2 to Naples and you’ll find a lunar landscape consisting of 40 craters, hot springs, water springs, numerous fumaroles, and many lakes: the Campi Flegrei Regional Park. It takes only 30 minutes. Volcanic activity is intense and continuous. The Pozzuoli solfatara is the most active crater. Unfortunately, all tours have been temporarily suspended.

This territory is also home to many myths from Classical Antiquity such as the Gigantomachy or the entrance to the Underworld in Avernus. You can find amazing archaeological sites here, including the Flavian Neronian Amphitheater and Temple of Serapis. You can also visit an underwater archaeological site right from Baia. This area is accessible by boat as well as by snorkeling or diving.

This day trip is an adventure through archeology and nature.

4. Royal Palace of Caserta

The Royal Palace of Caserta, one of the most popular day trips from Naples, Italy, is a great choice. The Versailles of Italy is located just 26km from Naples. It’s easily accessible by public transport. Today, the Reggia di Caserta is one of the most stunning royal residences in Europe. It was built by King Charles of Bourbon as a way to show his power. Luigi Vanvitelli’s masterpiece has 1,200 rooms. It includes luxurious lounges, royal apartments, and the private chapel.

The garden is truly a wonderland, filled with fountains, waterfalls, ponds and statues. You can get lost in the garden. It is divided into the English and Italian gardens. We recommend renting a bike to explore the Palace and to linger at its most peaceful and beautiful spots. This is a great day trip from Naples and especially recommended for those who are romantic.

5. Sorrento

The Sorrento coast extends from Castellammare di Stabia to Punta Campanella. Sorrento is the main point of this route. It’s located on a cliff which separates it and its busy marina. This lively coastal city is known for its breathtaking sea view. Many songs and poems have been written about it. Piazza Tasso, which is a square with many cafes, has also been celebrated. The historic centre is filled with narrow streets and artisan shops. It’s amazing to just walk around and get lost.

Sorrento is finally the land of great food! Fresh fish-based dishes, fresh pasta such as Gnocchi al Sorrentina and limoncello, as well as desserts such as Delizia al Limone, are all part of Sorrento’s quintessence. It is a must to make a day trip from Naples to Sorrento.

6. Amalfi Coast: Vietri sul Mare, Amalfi, Ravello and Positano

You will find the Amalfi coast, a stunning place just a few kilometers from Naples. You will find tiny villages along this narrow coast road with beautiful villas perched on the rocks overlooking the ocean.

Vietri sul Mare is located at the Amalfi Coast’s entrance. This place is famous for its exquisite handcrafted ceramics. You should not miss the chance to visit the shops and buy something! Continue north to Amalfi with its stunning Duomo di Sant’Andrea. You can reach Ravello by straying slightly from the coast road.


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You will lose your breath when you see the Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo terraces from above. It is simply stunning! This village is enchanted by the Ravello Festival in summer. It is a festival that celebrates classical music. Imagine the orchestras performing on a suspended stage in the void. Sometimes, it is at dawn. Thrilling! After a few more kilometers of walking along the coast road, you’ll find Positano. This small town can only be reached by foot. It is full of charming houses and boutiques that are filled with the summer colors and smells.

Trekkers who enjoy trekking will love the Path of the Gods. It runs approximately 10km from Agerola through Positano, and passes through the Lattari Mountains. It is a day trip to the Amalfi Coast from Naples that will be one of your most memorable experiences.

7. The temples at Paestum

It is the farthest day trip from Naples but it is just as interesting. It is home to three Greek temples, all in a stunning archaeological area called Paestum. The oldest temple is Hera. It dates back to 560 BC. Also, there’s the temple Of Athena and the temple Of Neptune and Poseidon. These temples are the oldest and most well-preserved. From which Paestum got its name (Poseidonia). It is hard to deny the beauty of these three temples that UNESCO has designated a World Heritage Site. Evening visits are very suggestive.

Paestum’s archaeological area also has a museum that displays many items found in nearby necropolises. The Tomb of the Diver is the most important example of a Magna Graecia Greek painting. This stunning painting depicts a man jumping in the waves. It is an allegory about death.

Paestum is home to buffalo mozzarella, a delicious traditional fresh cheese that is an essential ingredient in Pizza Margherita. Enjoy your meal!

8. Capri

This island is a must-see. It is a place you won’t forget. The stunning views, the vibrant colors, the aromas, and flavors of the famous Capri cuisine make it unforgettable. Capri is a day trip from Naples that takes only 45 minutes.

Enjoy a boat ride around the island as soon as you get there to see the Faraglioni or the Blue Grotto. Take the funicular up to Piazzetta to visit Capri. You can get lost in the narrow streets and continue to Villa Jovis. You can stop by one of the many trattorias for delicious ravioli capresi and other seafood dishes. Capri is a romantic day trip from Naples.

9. Ischia

Ischia is the largest of the islands in the Gulf of Naples. You can visit the beaches, take a boat ride to its caves, or walk to the Aragonese Castle. And, of course, relax at the thermal springs. Poseidon, Negombo are the most stunning, with their thermal pools, waterfalls and saunas.

You can’t leave Ischia without seeing Borgo di Sant’Angelo with its colourful houses, outdoor tables and small shops. It is a pedestrian area and can only be reached by bus. This makes it worth the journey to shop and have a coffee break before heading back to Naples.

10. Procida

Did you know that Procida was the setting for many films such as The Talented Mr. Ripley and Matt Damon? The charm of this island, which has its old fishing village feel, is still evident with its colorful houses that reflect in the sea. Terra Murata, the medieval heart of the island, is accessible only via a panoramic road that overlooks the sea. You can enjoy a Spritz at an open-air bar in the harbor or a meal at one of the family-run restaurants, while looking out over the ocean.

Visit Procida once you’re there. Vivara is actually an island connected to Procida via a small bridge. It was originally a hunting reserve for King Charles III. Today it can be visited without reservation. Amazing! Procida can also be connected via ferry to the mainland, making it a great day trip from Naples.

Are you ready for one of the most memorable day trips from Naples to begin?

Tourists have many options in the cultural and natural environment of Naples. It is difficult to choose between these top day trips from Naples, Italy. It’s likely that you will be tempted to see them all. Why not? It’s guaranteed to be fun!

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