Here are 10 Italian Fall Foods You Should Try.

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It is a wonderful time to visit Italy in autumn. The harvest season is a time when there are fewer people and more pleasant temperatures. Italian food is not only regional but also very seasonal. Recipes can change according to what produce is available (and what is appropriate for the weather). It is a wonderful time of year for warm and hearty Italian meals that are made with seasonal produce. These in-season dishes are a great way to enjoy Italian cuisine on a beautiful fall day.

Pumpkin tortelli in Lombardia

The classic autumn food pumpkin is available throughout Italy in autumn. However, the best pumpkin comes from Lombardia’s plains, particularly Mantova, in the southeast region. Tortelli di Zucca is Mantova’s most well-known dish. Other great pumpkin options are ravioli di zucca, risotto di zucca, zuppa di zucca (pumpkin soup.)

Risotto with funghi porcini, Emilia-Romagna Piedmont, Alto Adige and Veneto

It’s the season for porcini mushrooms. After winter’s extreme cold sets in, they won’t be seen again until May. And that’s only briefly. These little mushrooms grow in central and northern Italy’s hills when it is rainy and crisp. These little mushrooms are delicious, even if you don’t like them.

In the region of Umbria, Tuscany and Tuscany you can also find porcini mushrooms as a conorno or sprinkled on tops of pastas. We love the variety of porcini mushrooms with risotto. This is a northern specialty.

Orecchiette con le cime di rapa in Puglia

Orecchiette, a small pasta from Puglia is made with small ingredients. This concave shape allows sauces and oils to stick to it, making it ideal for Puglia’s high-quality olive oil. Orecchiette con Cima di Rapa (or broccoli rabe) is a combination of local pasta and olive oil from the region. Next, you can explore more Puglia’s most popular (and delicious!) dishes.

Castagnaccio, Umbria and Tuscany

Although you can still find chestnuts all year round, or at least selling by street vendors in Rome, it is best to avoid them. Fresh chestnuts in winter and autumn are the best. There are many chestnut-based dishes in Italy. Some of them are quite innovative, such as a minestrone with chestnuts from Abruzzo, chocolate or a chestnut-filled pasta from Emilia-Romagna. Castagnaccio is a dense cake made from chestnut flour. It is most commonly associated with Umbria and Tuscany, but it can also be found in Lazio and Liguria as well as Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna.

Strangozzi al tartufo nero in Umbria

Tartufo is a favorite of ours, but we love tartufo from all over the world! Truffles, the jewels of the forest, are a gourmand’s delight. These mushrooms are not your typical mushrooms. Tartufo sagre is a common dish in autumn. In Piedmont, Lazio, and throughout central Italy, you can find truffles on pasta, in omelets, and in sauces. You can also try the pasta al tartufo or, in particular, the strangozzi al tortufo. We also discussed . You can also choose something with more flavorful mushrooms, such as tartufo omelet or crostini al tartufo-nero. Truffle season is when you can order almost anything with truffles sprinkled on it!

Pici al ragu di cinghiale in Tuscany

Tuscany is a paradise for Italian food fans. You can try the classic pici pasta with wild bor ragu, or the popular pappardelle stuffed with wild bor ragu.

Cinghiale alla cacciatora (all of Italy)

November marks the beginning of hunting season for cinghiale (wild boars). This means that you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy this game, which is a favorite in the country’s small towns and villages. Wild boar can be found in salumi (especially in Umbria and Tuscany), or served over pappardelle. We prefer it as a simple, delicious secondo, slow-cooked with onions, carrots, and other spices.

Vegetable Minestrone (all Italy)

The classic minestrone de verdure, a vegetable soup made from vegetable broth, is the first cold of the year. Every region and every city in Italy has its own version of the classic dish. This is usually based on local harvests. However, there is a common denominator in every minestrone that is typically celery, onion, carrots, zucchini, or potatoes.

Strudel di mele in Trentino-Alto Adige

Trentino-Alto Adige, which lies on the border of Austria and Italy, has made the Austrian apple strudel a part of its everyday diet. The strudel is made with a thin, warm crust that wraps around cooked apples, cinnamon, and sometimes pine nuts or raisins. Trentino is home to DOP apples, or Denominazione Di Origine Protetta. The Golden Delicious apples that are grown there are sweet enough for this delicious autumn dessert.

Biscotti Toto in Sicily

Biscotti Toto, a Sicilian traditional cookie, is made only in autumn. These cookies are specifically made for All Souls Day (or Day of the Dead) on November 2. Their Sicilian scent reminds many of the true beginning of autumn when even the south starts to cool down. These cookies are sometimes called “biscotti di morti”, or “cookies for the dead”. These cookies are meant to make family members feel better about their loved ones’ passing and to give them a reason for celebration. Plus, they’re delicious! These chocolate balls are irregularly shaped and covered in chocolate glazes. Non-chocolate varieties are also covered with a lemon glaze. These are the signs that autumn is here!

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