Avola Almond is the reigning queen of flavour

Avola Almonds are of centuries-old origin. Their cultivation, together with vineyards, is a hallmark of the entire area.

The almond trees are a stunning sight in February when they are in full bloom.

Almond cultivation at AvolaAvola’s main economic activity during the first half century of the 20th century was almond cultivation. Giuseppe Bianca (1801-1883, Avola) was a botanist who studied different almond varieties in the region and encouraged the development of hard-shelled cultivars such as Pizzuta and Fascionello. Pizzuta is the most widely cultivated variety. This exceptional product has unparalleled organoleptic properties and is highly valued around the globe.

The most visible evidence of the significance of almond farming in Avola’s economic history is the presence of many qualified companies in the area. They work in the processing, transformation, and marketing of this Sicilian product.

Traditional sweets

Avola Almond is a popular ingredient in desserts. This exquisite fruit is used in many Sicilian recipes, including nougat, marzipan, martorana fruits, nougat, cubbaita and cassata.

Candied Avola almonds.

Pizzuta d’Avola can be used to make candied almonds. Leonardo Sciascia sublimated its oval shape and compared it to the perfect oval face of Antonello da Messina’s “Annunziata”.

Sugar can be molded flawlessly on almonds without the need for any additional ingredients. This product is highly sought-after on both the international and national markets due to its exceptional organoleptic properties. It is important to remember that candied almonds in Paris are known as Avola, while those in Ravenna and the surrounding areas are Avulan.

Curios. Even Harry and Meghan, British Royals, chose to have their wedding in Italy with candied almonds made with Avola Almond. The new royal couple chose continuity, just like Carlo, Diana, and Kate and William. They also gave out candied Avola almonds as gifts at the wedding. The classic white candied almond was chosen by Harry and Meghan. It is made only with sugar and whole Avola nuts.

Do not miss the Almond Museum, Avola if you’re in the area.

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