Five Top Destinations You Must Visit

It’s a brand new year. This means that 2022 will bring new adventures, new vacations, and new destinations.

Which destinations should you add this year to your bucket list? These are the top five destinations you should visit in 2019


Turkey’s return to the international scene was huge last year. The natural beauty of this destination, including historic towns like Cappadocia and beautiful islands, bays, and some the most stunning beaches in the world, swept people off their feet. Turkey is a great destination for families and anyone looking for a relaxing summer vacation. Blue Cruise holidays have become a popular way to discover the Turkish coast and make the most of your summer vacation. You have the option to rent a yacht crewed with your friends and spend a week in beautiful nature. Or you can go on a day trip to the hotspots of the Turkish Riviera.


Sri Lanka is becoming a popular exotic destination and is now a top choice for tourists. Sri Lanka is a great destination for people who love to travel and experience beautiful beaches, wildlife, majestic temples, and active people who enjoy water sports. The friendly and warm people of Sri Lanka make it even more special. This destination is a great choice for families planning vacations. This magical destination is available to travelers with any budget.


The Scandinavian country has continued to be a magnet for tourists, regardless of when they travel. You will find beautiful beaches, fairy-tale castles and green forests, polite and friendly citizens, and a feeling of happiness that lasts forever. Denmark is an eco-friendly country. This is evident in every village and town so that you can relax and enjoy the beauty and preserved nature of Denmark. The best way to see Copenhagen, which many consider the most beautiful European city, is by bicycle. The country is known for its natural beauty and strong art scene. There are also many exciting happenings in other cities. You can also enjoy the finest Scandinavian cuisine at fine dining venues.


Croatia is another popular destination, which has seen a rise in popularity. Croatia is a small country, but it offers many holiday options, depending on the season. You will find it is well-suited to suit all ages, from children to seniors. There are two options: you can either visit the scenic coast or take a ferry ride on to one of the islands. However, it is important to research which islands to choose as Croatia has over 1200 islands. Visit Zagreb if you’re visiting in winter. Summer holidays can be spent on the coast in beautiful towns like Dubrovnik. This pearl of Adriatic has been a popular choice since it was used in the Game of Thrones series.


This is a destination that speaks for itself. Let’s face it, who can resist the delicious homemade Italian pasta and the stunning Italian countryside? Italy is still a top destination for tourists from around the globe. It is all about relaxation, enjoyment, and admiring the exquisite art in historical towns while on holiday in Italy. There are many wine tours that you can take and spend hours tasting the local wine. You may also want to try local cheeses. You can sunbathe on Riomaggiore’s cliffs and get a beautiful tan. Or you can walk through the streets of Rome and take photos to share with your friends. Italy celebrates life.

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