Italy’s 5 most beautiful islands… you may not have heard of

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Capri is one of the many beautiful Italian islands. There are five more stunning islands off the Italian coast that you have probably never heard of. They all boast beautiful scenery, gorgeous beaches, fresh seafood, and local character.

Procida (Bay of Naples).

Forget Capri. The ferry to Colorful Procida from Naples is an easy one. With everyone flocking to Capri or, secondarily Ischia, it’s the Bay of Naples’ most touristy island. It’s a great spot for a day trip to the coast, with its vibrant fishing village, fresh seafood and authentic character. Add a visit to Procida to your itinerary. This is one of Italy’s most underrated, yet vibrant cities.

Levanzo (Aegadian Islands, Sicily)

You want to escape from everything? You can escape to Levanzo. This beautiful speck of land is located off the coast of Sicily’s northwestern coast, on a group of three islands known as the Aegadian Islands (or Isole Egadi). You can easily reach Levanzo by day from Marsala or Trapani. Calla Dogana is the only village on the island. It has beautiful nature walks and dramatic cliffs. The Grotta del Genovese, a small cave that contains Paleolithic graffiti from 9,680 B.C., is also available for history-seekers. It can be reached by boat. For something more buzzy in Sicily, visit Palermo to see our Palermo City Guide.

Ponza (Pontine islands, off Rome)

Romans often make the trek from Rome to Ponza at the end of the summer. They drive the hour to Anzio, then take a 2-hour ferry ride to Ponza. The volcanic island is simply stunning. Its villages are charming and its waters are stunningly blue. You will also find ancient cave pools called Pilate’s Grottoes scattered all over the island. It is so beautiful that even Circe, the legend of Circe, chose it to be her home. This is where she met Odysseus and lived for over a year.

Island of Elba (Tuscan archipelago).

You might have heard Elba, the famous location where Napoleon fled to exile. It’s also a beautiful island that is worth visiting just for its own sake. It has a variety of terrain, including hills, beaches, mountains, and hills. The wine is well-known, and the history is interesting, particularly since Elba was French until the Italian reunification in 1860. Elba can be reached easily by ferry from Piombino (a port town located 2 hours from Florence and 1 hour from Livorno).

Panarea (Aeolian Islands, Sicily)

Italians love to visit the Aeolian islands, an eight-isole chain off the coast of Italy, in the summer. Panarea, an inactive volcano measuring 1.3 miles squared and the second-smallest island, is also one the most beautiful. Panarea has become a popular celebrity destination in recent years. However, it is a great spot for scuba divers who love diving the shipwreck off the coast.

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