Italy’s Top Travel Apps

Your smartphone makes it easy to travel to Italy and enjoy its treasures. Our list of top travel apps will help you avoid getting lost, locate local restaurants, and learn key phrases and words right from your smartphone. Many of these apps can be used on any platform (Apple iOS or Google Play Android), and they don’t require an internet connection. This means you can avoid expensive roaming fees while abroad.

Frecciarossa train

How to Get Around

1. Italy Tourism Guide by Triposo Your complete mobile guide to Italy This free app offers offline maps as well as useful information about landmarks and restaurants in more than 100 cities. For larger cities, we recommend TripAdvisor City Guides as well as Ulmon travel guide and Offline Mapsinteractive app.

2. ProntoTreno How to Explore Italy by Train? Trenitalia’s official App (free) This app allows you to buy tickets quickly and view the status of your trip.

3. Museum guides:Let these apps guide you through the discovery of Italy’s archeological and artistic treasures. Many museums offer official and unofficial apps that will help you to understand the museum and the works that make it beautiful. We love the iMiBACT app ( here on iPhone or hier Android), which includes maps and descriptions of more than 40 museums and landmarks in the country, as well as the Uffizi art history guide ($3.99).

Communication with the locals

4. LingoLook: Looking for a crash course in Italian? This offline app will help you prepare for your trip by providing quick lessons in basic vocabulary and phrases as well as their pronunciation. You can search for specific situations in Italy, such as asking directions or explaining food allergies, and you can communicate easily.

5. Word Refer: This app is great for translating specific words from Italian to English, or vice versa. It’s especially useful for situations like reading a menu without translation ( see our help on navigation menus ). Google Translate is also a good option to help you understand the general meaning of certain phrases.

Looking for pizza in Naples? You can find it on the app store!

Dining like a local

6. Cibando What sets this app apart is the delicious photos of local dishes that give non-Italian speaking people a taste of the many specialties available. Make sure you check out the map feature, which allows you circle the area where you want to eat and preview the restaurants.

7. Foodiesby Gambero Roso: This app is one of our most expensive (4.99) and we chose it from the highly acclaimed Italian food & wine guide for true foodies who are open to trying everything from fine restaurants to street food.

8. Take a trip to Rome, Florence, and Venice You are in luck These apps are city-specific and offer expert recommendations from an Italian foodie. These apps are available for as low as $2.99 to $3.99, and there is a forthcoming comprehensive Eat Italy app.

9. TripAdvisor Before you choose a restaurant, make sure to check out the free app to see what other travelers have to say. You can search for landmarks or hotels in your vicinity by using the “Near Me” function.

What are your favorite travel apps for Italy? Please share your experiences with us in the comments.

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