The lake-dotted landscape is not only easy on the eyes, but also allows for some very special outdoor adventures, including hiking, boat cruises, and water sports. This makes it a great destination for everyone. You can combine the excitement with great weather throughout the year and you are sure to be a winner. You can choose from one of our stunning villas in the Italian Lakes.

Some of Italy’s most beautiful cities are connected to the lakes, such as stylish Milan and romantic Verona. From Michelin-starred restaurants to small trattorias, saffron-infused rice and polenta with cheese are all the rage. The wine regions also produce an abundance of crisp whites, rich reds, and a world-famous fizz. Why visit the Italian Lakes? Why would you want to?

When to Visit
The tourist season at the lakes is from Easter to October. However, these beautiful spots are lovely all year. You can choose any month, but June and September are the best. When the weather is warm, the water is heating up, and the crowds tend to be smaller. September is harvest time which makes it an ideal month to visit the wineries.

When the temperatures are extremely warm, crowds reach their peak in July and august. Italians who live in cities often take August off as a holiday. This can lead to many shops and restaurants closing down for a few days. Visitors drop rapidly between November and March. The shores of lakes become quiet, misty, and snow-flecked from March to April.

How to Get Around
Airports: Most flights to Italy’s lakes land in Milan. There are two airports there: Malpensa (50 km from the center of Milan) and Linate (just seven kilometers away). Verona and Bergamo also receive flights from Britain.
Train: It takes just 11 hours to reach the Italian Lakes from the UK. All the major cities of the region are easily accessible by rail once you reach the destination.
Ferry: Ferries travel to the major lakes in the region, Maggiore and Como. Popular options include tickets for unlimited one-day travel.
By bus: Buses enable those without transportation to reach some, but not all, of the smaller towns that lie beyond the lakeshores.
By bicycle: These Italians are fond of riding bikes and motorbikes. If you like to travel on two wheels, you will be well-supported. Cycling is a great way of exploring remote and off-the-beaten track corners.
Car: Renting a car is the best option to get to all of the Italian Lakes’ nooks. Although roads can be busy, they are generally in good shape and run the entire length of the region.

Lake Como – Explore the tranquil waters of Lake Como, Italy’s most beautiful lake.
Lake Lugano: Split your time between the Swiss or Italian sides.
Verona – See an opera in the famous Roman arena in Romeo & Juliet’s capital city.
Lake Garda – Learn to kitesurf on the northern shores of Lake Garda
Franciacorta: Enjoy some of the best bubbly in Italy while on a wine tour through this prestigious region.
Bergamo – Explore cobblestone streets, and marvel at masterpieces of medieval architecture.
Milan – Look up at the Duomo, and marvel at da Vinci’s The Last Supper.
Lake Maggiore – Hop between idyllic islands on one the largest lakes in Italy.

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