Scala dei turchi

This is the most unusual stairway you’ve ever seen. This isn’t a ladder as such, but an amazing stretch of coastline that has been made an iconic part of Sicilian tourism.

The white cliff can be found along the coast between Realmonte, Porto Empedocle ( Agrigento). Its rock is composed of soft limestone and blindingly white marl. Nature has made this material soft and sinuous over the years, using the sea and salty breeze to create terraces and smooth every corner.

The sea will show off his blue, taking advantage this sparkling white.

The name Scales of the Turks is a result of the fact that this bay was where pirate ships from both Arabs and Turks used to shelter in ancient times.

Getting to: From the SS 115, you can cross Realmonte east and continue on the main road n.68 west.

Bus: From Porto Empedocle in summer, you can take a city bus to get to the Scala.

Parking – Pay and display parking are available. It is best to arrive early during busy periods.

Equipped beaches: There are two facilities that can be used for eating and bathing along the Scala beach.

This beauty should last forever. We should not take out or remove even a small amount of marl. Attention to fines! Its beauty is what gives it its power. It has no cosmetic or therapeutic properties, so it’s not necessary to apply it on your skin like a Pierrot.

Porto Empedocle

The sign can be found at the city’s entrance.

Vigata, welcome

. It does not mean you are in the wrong place.

Andrea Camilleri

In his novels. This is where the writer was born. In the main street you will find a bronze statue of his Inspector Montalbano. Porto Empedocle is more than just a place to walk in animated via Roma or stop in an elegant outdoor café.


It is named after the Agrigento commercial port in ancient times. The tower of Charles V is a beautiful fortress and prison that can be found just below the port. We find the

Hall of Arms

A permanent exhibition of the sculptor

Giuseppe Agnello

Montalbano’s statue was created by,

You can find us just half an hour away from here.


A small, medieval village waiting to be discovered.

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