Santa Maria La Scala

Santa Maria la Scala, a fishing village, is perched on the black lava rock cliff. This makes it a great backdrop for colourful boats and the seaof Acireale’s acesi. This seaside village lies between the lush vegetation in the Timpa Reserve, and the Ionian Sea. It is home to many mythological nymphs who tell many stories and share many love stories.

Panorama from La Timpa-PH Giovanna Gagliano

You should not miss: a tour around the town and the Scalo Grande (port-call); a sea walk through the sea to discover the geological site Gretta delle Colombe, stunning basalt columns that tell you about Etna’s history; a stop for a delicious fish meal, then on to Acireale climbing the eighteenth century Chiazzette trail.

Chiazzette trail – ph Giovanna Gagliano

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