Sicily at your home

Waiting for pleasure is also pleasure… (Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

This is a period of waiting. It’s necessary for our safety, our health, our loved ones, and everyone’s sake.

It is possible to make the most of our time at home while staying safe. Let’s make sure we take care of ourselves and do all the things that we have forgotten. It is time to read, listen to music, and watch good movies. It’s time to make plans, look ahead to the future, and plan for next vacation. After all this, we will crave sun, running along sandy beaches, exploring volcanoes, and filling our hearts with beauty. We will need Sicily!

For now, relax and enjoy Sicily from your home. We’ll be waiting for you when we can travel again. Take notes, get inspired!

  • Inspire me! 10 Things to Do in… A carefully selected selection of things to do within the most beautiful Sicilian Cities
  • Itineraries on horseback, by bike, motorbike, or sailboat
  • Through a Cultural Itinerary, you can trace the paths of great writers and masterpieces of Sicilian Literature.
  • Takeaway from Sicily, Our brochures and audio-guides delivered right to your door
  • Let’s take a virtual tour through some Sicilian museums and cities using the multimedia audio-guides that izi.TRAVEL provides.
  • This is your invitation to explore one of the most spectacular volcanoes in the world. Etna is a volcano that offers many activities
  • A quick view of the beaches and coves within the beautiful sea of Sicily!
  • Are you looking to make something delicious? We will bring Sicilian flavors to your table! What about tasting a great wine? This is a comprehensive list of the most well-known Sicilian grape varietal
  • An Journey through the most iconic Sicilian movie-set , s, and the greatest classic films of all time for film lovers
  • All theater performances and theater are available as livestreaming. You can also watch videos and tour our Facebook page SicilyEvents. Every event in Sicily is an Event!
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