Sicily is gluten-free

Sicilian cuisine is rich in naturally gluten free food such as fish and seafood.

Italian Coeliac Association created the project “Food Outside Home” to provide tourists on a gluten-free diet with a suitable service while they are away.

Simply connect to the AIC web site and you will find all accommodations and restaurants that cater to your dietary requirements. All of them have completed specific courses in order to be admitted into the AFC network.

A AFC bar or restaurant means you can eat breakfast with gluten-free biscuits or a waffle or ice cream with waffle. You also know that the ingredients are gluten-free and have been cooked without contamination.

Because Sicilian cuisine is rich in naturally gluten-free foods, like seafood and fish, it meets these needs. Tuna from Favignana Island is a well-known fish. It’s a beautiful island close to Trapani, with many shops and excellent accommodations. Many of these hotels pay special attention to coeliac patients.

It is a good idea to have breakfast with a homemade granita. is a traditional Sicilian dessert. In this instance, make sure the tools used for the preparation are clean. Also, check that the bar is a member of the “AFC”.

There are many good restaurants that offer gluten-free cuisine all over the island, from big cities to small villages. Many of these restaurants can be found near the ocean.

Street food enthusiasts will find plenty of options. There are many workshops in Palermo where you can enjoy the traditional “panelle”, which is fried chickpeas pancakes. Also, there’s “crocche”, which is a type of potato croquette often served with “panelle” in Sicilian.

For more information about the bars and restaurants adhering to AFC, you can contact the AIC Sicilian Regional Secretary : phone number: (+39) 090 336947 or e-mail to

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