The Ancient Transversal Sicula

The Transversal Sicula follows the Ancient Transversal Sicula‘s route, which connected and connects the Carthaginian Mozia and Kamarina in Greece.

The Sicilian Hinterland has a 577-kilometer system that runs from Bourbon “Regie Trazzere”, and then continues on to abandoned railway tracks. It passes through the main settlements: Elimi, Sicani and Greek. Many of these are recognized by UNESCO as unique.

It passes through some of the most important settlements of pre-Roman Sicilyans. It starts from Kamarina, and crosses the saltus camarinensis at Licodia Eubea. From there, it heads towards Palike, a Sicilian sanctuary. It then travels to Morgantina and Lake Pergusa. Enna, Hyppana, Enna (near Prizzi), Entella, Segesta, and finally to Mozia.

It is a journey through history and perfumes. You will find yourself in landscapes that are rich in different cultures and evocative places.

Walking in Sicily for more than 40 days in a tent and/or guests of Municipalities and Associations you can cross 37 places near towns and villages, coast and hinterland.

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