Umbria Autumn – The Best Festivals and Events

Umbria is our favourite region in Italy! It is nestled in the middle the country and has beautiful rolling hills, great food , including chocolate! It is easily accessible from Rome and Tuscany and highlights Umbria’s beautiful countrysides as well as its local cuisine. You want to go? Want to visit Umbria ? Check out our map to get around Umbria and continue reading to find the top festivals, events and attractions in the area this fall.

Umbria offers all the beauty and charm of Tuscany, but at a lower cost. Roberto Taddeo

Giostra della Quintana (Foligno)

Although it is over, the Giostra della Quintana event is still worth your attention. Foligno, located in central Umbria and Italy is known for being the center of the universe. The Giostra recreates the battle between knights from Foligno’s different neighborhoods. The Knights try to place rings on the Quintana wooden statue, one for each of their respective neighborhoods.

The Quintana is a historical reconstruction of Baroque Italy. It dates back to 1613 and has been held every year since 1946. Foligno, a charming town that is not so interested in Baroque traditions and architecture, is well-known for its history and architecture. It was also the site of Dante Alighieri’s first print of Divina Commedia, possibly the most important work of Italian literature.

When: September 17-19

I Primi d’Italia (Foligno)

Foligno is home to the national festival for first dishes, which is considered the capital city of primi piatti. The event is held in Foligno’s historic center. It features 26 participating locations. This event is the only one dedicated exclusively to first Italian dishes, including polenta, pasta, and rice. Celebrate “Made in Italy” by taking cooking classes, seeing chefs at work in food art, or visiting the Villaggi del Gusto, where you can try over 100 first dishes, especially those that are influenced by central Italy.

When: September 24 – September 27

Perugia, a hillside city on the hills of Italy, has many things to offer: chocolate festivals and beautiful views! Gina Mussio.

Sagra Musicale Umbra (Perugia)

Every September, the The Sagra Musicale Umbria brings an end to the region’s music-rich summer with a week full of chamber and classical music. The festival is a hit with music-lovers and experts alike. It features approximately 140 companies that make small instruments in Italy.

When: September 10-20

Feast Saint Francis of Assisii (Assisii)

St. Francesco, the patron saint for the whole country, is not the Umbrian town’s patron saint, despite his name! Every year, Italy celebrates the saint’s feast day, October 4. The festival in Assisii is a must-see. The important holiday was celebrated by the Pope in Assisii two years ago. As the procession moves to St. Francis’ tomb, it is adorned with Assisii’s colors: red, blue, and gold banners. On October 5, all of town transforms into an open market for the Fiera di San Francesco with more than 150 vendors.

When: October 4,

Eurochocolate Perugia

is the largest chocolate festival in Europe. It may even be the most popular in the world. The event draws approximately 900,000. It is held in Perugia every year. Perugia has a long history of chocolate. Perugia is home to the Universita Dei Sapori (University of Flavors), and of the famous Italian chocolat Baci. Visitors can also tour their chocolate factory. Eurochocolate is the place to go to for live cooking demonstrations, chocolate sculptures, and, of course, chocolate to eat!

When: October 16-25, 2005

White Truffle Fair (Citta di Castello, Gobbio)

While Tuscany is most well-known for its famous truffles, Umbria is also rich in this expensive root. The Mostra Mercato Nazionale del Tartufo Bianco, an annual agricultural fair in Citta di Castello and Gobbio , offers food lovers and travelers a chance to taste the white truffle and other regional classics. There are actually many truffle festivals throughout Italy. You can find more information in our post about truffle festivals.

When: November 29-November 2

New Wine Festivals (various places)

The release of new wines, a type of light red wine, cannot be done in Italy prior to November 4. Therefore, each year there are various celebrations for vini novelli. Narni, the town that inspired C.S. Torgiano, Lewis’ Narnia, and Pontassieve hosts festivals to welcome new wine batches. There are wine tastings in the streets and restaurants. You can also find cooking demonstrations, wine-judging competitions, and whole meals that match your new wine.

When: The first weekend after November 4. Many towns begin November 11 this year.

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