Where to Go in Italy – Regions & Areas

It is not easy to find the right place to visit in Italy. Each corner of Italy offers something unique, from ancient hilltop villages to bustling cities to breathtaking mountain landscapes to stunning coastal scenery.


Rome, Italy’s capital city, is the only one in the country to owe allegiance to either the north nor the south. It is unlike any other city and has a wealth of historical sights that rivals all others.

Piemonte e Lombardy

Piemonte and Lombardy are the country’s most cosmopolitan regions. Turin and Milan are the richest cities in the country. The presence of the Alps in the north makes it a great place to ski and hike, while Lombardy’s lakes, mountains, and forests are a time-honoured tourist destination.


Liguria, a small, coastal province to its south, is well-known as the “Italian Riviera”. It attracts sun-seekers during the summer. Genoa is the capital of this vibrant port city with a long maritime tradition.

The Veneto, Friuli Giulia

Although the Dolomites extend into the northern regions of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Veneto, the main focus is Venice. This city is as unique as its name suggests.


It is a popular area along Emilia-Romagna’s coast. Riminiis Italy’s most fashionable and trendiest seaside resort. There are also the ancient centers of Ravenna and Ferrara, Parma, and Bologna. Bologna is Italy’s gastronomic capital and one of Italy’s most vibrant cities.


Central Italy is perhaps the most well-known image of the country.Tuscany is a popular region in Italy, thanks to its rolling countryside and art-filled towns like Pisaand Siena.


The neighbouring Umbria is similar to it in terms of its tourist numbers, but it gets busier each year as more people visit towns like Perugiaand Assisi.


Naples, Campania’s capital is an unforgettable city. It is close to Pompeiiand Herculaneum which are some of Italy’s most important ancient sites.


Puglia, also known as the “heel” in Italy, is full of underrated pleasures. These include the scenery of the Gargano peninsula, Bari’s souk-like qualities, and Lecce’s Baroque glory.


The island of Sicily is a unique place, offering a variety of attractions, including some of Europe’s finest preserved Hellenistic treasures, as well as some of Italy’s most popular beach resorts in Taormina and Cefalu, along with stunning upland scenery.


Sardinia feels far from the mainland, especially in the interior. However, you might be content to just lay on its beaches which are some of the best in Italy.

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