Volcanoes of Sicily: Vulcano Stromboli, Etna

Volcanoes have always been a frightening, amazing, and liberating force for people’s imagination.

Many legends, anecdotes and stories surround these fascinating and dangerous works of the earth. They range from Empedocles who ran into Etna’s crater to learn the secrets of its eruptionive activity to Theodoric, the king of Ostrogoths, who was eventually dragged into it on his skittish horse.

The tormented soul of a land full of memories and strong smells is represented by the tremors of earthquakes and the smoke, ashes, fire, and molten rocks. Let’s listen and watch the song of a thousand Cicadas while we observe a fertile land created by lava soil. Capers, figs, brooms and rosemary.

One of the largest active volcanoes is Mount Etna, “a Muntagna and Mungibeddu. You can climb up to the top by following fascinating itineraries. These paths lead us through beautiful lunar landscapes and then we reach rarefied air, and even snow.

Another spectacular natural spectacle is located not far away: the Alcantara Gores. The Canyon of the Gorges, with its lava stone walls up to 50m high, is home to the spectacle of basalts and small lakes and waterfalls that provide pure water.

Stromboli, intstead are the active fire giants in an archipelago which is completely vulcanic: Vulcano and Stromboli.

There are many experiences that can be had: the climbing to the crater and the stunning coastline, , as well as the relaxing, warm bath, these are some of the highlights.

Stromboli, He (He) is an ancient, beautiful, mysterious, and isolated land. It is a round, black-sand island with reeds, brooms, and is very remote.

is the strongest emotion. It can be experienced by boat. At night, its eruptions, scarlet lava, and night sky lighting make it glow red, defying all the stars.

Izi Guide to the Travel Guide of Volcanoes in Sicily

Here were the heroes of Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne. In addition, in Stromboli Roberto Rossellini created a masterpiece of Neo-Realism, Stromboli-Land of God with the amazing Ingrid Bergman.

Aeolian Islands
Their volcanic heritage is not just visible on these two islands, but all over the globe, such as in the

collapsed caldera



. We will be taking a dip in a submerged prehistoric crater, whose remains are visible today, as well as admiring the most spectacular sunsets in the world.

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