10 Christmas gifts for travelers: The best gifts for them!

Let’s be honest: How often do you find an item in your home you love to throw away but feel obliged to keep because it was a gift?

It’s more than what you might think, isn’t it? It can happen to you and it can happen to anyone you know.

With a little’regifting’, well-meaning presents can end up on shelves or in bedside lockers. Or they may find their way into someone’s home. We hate to say it, but it’s very likely that you have been the victim of re-gifting in recent times.

Giving and receiving gifts can be difficult, regardless of whether it’s Christmas or a birthday. It’s not surprising that experience gift-giving is becoming more popular.

The perfect experience is what you choose

‘Experience gift-giving? Let’s unwrap this term. Simply put, instead of buying a physical gift for a special occasion, you give the gift that is more meaningful: an experience.

You are not only helping to make unforgettable memories for your loved one but you also have the chance to share the experience with them. We don’t know of any other way to describe this win-win situation.

Let’s look at some travel experiences that will capture the imagination of even the pickiest person in your life, from Europe to the US.

For foodies

There are two kinds of foodies. Those who enjoy the idea of a food-focused event but don’t want to do it themselves and those who want to make their experience as real as possible.

If someone is a friend or a loved one who falls under the second category, they will likely love learning about ingredients from experts and getting familiar with the history of a particular cuisine.

We have a variety of experiences to delight foodies, including learning how to make paella, pasta, and pizza from scratch, or making the perfect gelato.

There are many experiences that will earn you brownie points, from Italy to Spain.

Rome Pasta Class: EUR 85.00

This class on pasta making in Rome is a great treat for anyone who loves Italian food. The hands-on experience takes place on a rooftop at the heart of the city. Guests will make two types of pasta, including a difficult truffle ravioli! Enjoy a home-cooked meal and a glass of wine to celebrate a job well done. Enjoy a glass of wine and a delicious home-cooked meal! It’s perfect for couples, friends, families, and beginners alike.

Rome Food Tour with Pizza Making EUR79.00

The food tour includes a pizza-making class. This is the ultimate experience for anyone who believes that the true essence of a city can be found in its food! The tour is limited to 12 people and guests can sample small plates from trattorias while enjoying local cheese and butcher shops. They also get to chat with fascinating characters behind the counter. The tour ends with a lesson in pizza making and a walk through Rome, Italy’s capital.

Italian Pasta & Gelato-Making With a Local Chef EUR 85.00

This pasta-making course is a great way to get to know Florentine cuisine. The guests will learn to make gelato and pasta from scratch at the home of a local chef. Participants are taught how to make these dishes at home and then take some time to relax before pairing their dish with the right wine.

Dining Around Florence: A Authentic Evening Wine and Food Tour EUR 75.00

This wine-and-food tour is a great way to show your love one that a city’s food scene can be one of its most fascinating aspects. This tour takes place in Florence and guests will eat like locals, moving from one neighbourhood to the next, tasting the delicious food of the city’s culinary scene, and learning about the stories behind it all.

Barcelona Cooking Classes: Paella Making Dinner Party With Expert Local Chef EUR79.00

We’re going from Italy to Spain, and we’re having a paella-making party in Barcelona. The chef will teach guests how to make paella using his experience as a chef in a Michelin-starred restaurant. After a cocktail reception, guests move on to the main event. Here they will be able to get involved with ingredients and then enjoy delicious Spanish dishes.

Wine enthusiasts

Why not treat a friend – and yourself – to a wine tour?

It sounds idyllic to learn all about wine and then enjoy the best of what a particular region has to offer.

Whether your friend or loved is interested in learning about wineries, or already considers themselves a wine connoisseur, very few people would refuse to take a wine tour.

This gift experience is sure to please, from Paris to San Francisco.

Luxury Champagne Day Trip for Small Groups from Paris EUR169.00

The luxury champagne tour to Paris is just as luxurious as it sounds. This gift is a truly memorable experience that will be enjoyed at the moment and hopefully for many years to come. This gift will be treasured for many years to come. The experience, which includes a visit to the Benedictine Abbey of Hautvillers and a stroll through the nearby town Epernay is all about champagne-making. It is a must-see for anyone who loves the finer things of life.

San Francisco Wine Tour in Napa Valley and Sonomo Valleys $229.00

A chauffeur-driven tour of the Napa and Sonoma Valleys would be a great idea. That’s right, no one. This gift includes private transportation, three tastings at three different wineries, and a delicious picnic to enjoy. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves to take in the sights of San Francisco’s sleepy hills while also enjoying the fruits of its vineyards.

Film fans

Everybody has at least one movie buff and one TV enthusiast in their lives.

Television captures the imagination of millions every day, regardless of gender, age, or gender, while cinema’s lure is just as captivating. Yet, it isn’t often that TV and film fans get to visit the locations of their favorite movies and TV shows ….. You can’t treat them to a Movie Tour until they do!

Manhattan Movie Locations Tour with NBC Studio Tour $884.00

Do not just treat your pal to a movie ticket or a boxset. Bring their favorite mediums to life in Manhattan with a gift experience that they will remember for years!

This TV and Movie Tour will take guests to filming locations for Sex and the City and Ghostbusters. Elf, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and other shows. The best part? They will even film their own segment in NBC Studios – Just make sure you promise to remember them when they are rich and famous!

For the big kids of heart

Get to grips with the costumes and props at the New Amsterdam Theatre

Disney on Broadway Tour Special Price: $72.00

We can all admit that not everyone is immune to the magic of Disney. Some Disney fans are, however, self-proclaimed Disney aficionados. They love the films, the soundtracks, and the characters. This Disney on Broadway Tour will be a hit with them!

The New Amsterdam Theatre will be open to guests. They can also learn about Broadway’s history and see the props and costumes from the past and present. This gift experience is sure to be a memorable one for them, no matter if they are a long-time Disney fan or a newbie.

For those who love true crime

Learn about New York’s criminal underbelly

Stories from The Dark Side: Gangs, Criminals and Mafia Tours of NYC $59.00

We all know that true crime has been gaining popularity, whether it be through podcasts, boxsets, or documentaries. While some may prefer to learn about the subject from their homes, others might be more interested in getting involved.

A retired NYPD officer, or a detective with a deep understanding of the Big Apple’s dark side, is the best person to lead a true Crime Tour. It would be amazing to get inside New York’s dark side with people who are familiar with its history.

After a brief introduction to New York’s criminal underbelly, guests will learn about the history and culture of the city. Finally, they will toast you and your gift! Over coffee and a donut, naturally!

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