Although Sardinia may not be your first choice for tropical-Esque beaches in Europe if you are looking for them, once you get there you will find beautiful white beaches and emerald-colored waves that are just a ferry ride away from the mainland. The island boasts over 2,000km coastline so there is a beach for everyone. We’ve compiled ten of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, perfect for daydreaming, family-friendly and secluded.

Is Arutas a Good Idea?
Depending on your location, you may need to rent a car in order to access the white sandy beaches that attract visitors to Is Arturas. This beautiful beach is located on the Sinis Peninsula and it’s definitely worth the effort. The famous white gravelly sands could be found all over the island and were used for everything from private beaches to aquariums. Visitors are now urged not to disturb this treasure. As if relaxing wasn’t enough for you, there are many waves-, wind, and kite-surfers who love this area. But, more importantly, this is the best spot to seize the day.

Spiaggia di Piscinas

This band of gold, with its towering dunes, is located on the Costa Verde. It’s a glimpse of Sardinia’s wilder side. It is the longest beach in Sardinia and extends two kilometres inland, giving it a desert-like appearance. It is also a great place to find rare Flora. We recommend that you visit the historic town of Piscinas while you’re there. If you love to scuba dive, Spiaggia di Piscinas boasts an old lead vessel wreck just off the coast.

Spiaggia Rena Bianca

Spiaggia Rena Bianca is a great place to go for a family-friendly adventure. This beach has some of the most shallow waters in Sardinia. It is ideal for small children to enjoy a swim. The beach offers a great view of Corsica, where you can see the 16th century architecture of Torre di Longonsardo. You can continue your day by taking a scenic walk along the coast, starting at the eastern tip. This will take you past many amazing rock formations.

Spiaggia del Principe

Spiaggia del Principe has one of the most beautiful beaches Costa Smeralda offers. Spiaggia del Principe, hidden in the midst of low cliffs is famous as the favorite beach of Prince Karim Aga Khan, who gave it its name. The waters are divided by a rock formation and range from aquamarine blue to cobaltblue. They are ideal for snorkelling. Keep in mind that Costa Smeralda is known for its celebrity-jet-set crowd. The Costa Smeralda can get crowded during peak season, so it’s best to travel earlier in the year. This unspoilt Sardinian paradise may be less crowded.

Cala Goloritze

There are stunning views at all beaches on our list. Cala Goloritze’s spectacular view is made even more impressive by the fact that climbers can enjoy it from a height above the Aguglia, a towering rock needle. If you are interested in seeing some amazing sights, the beach descends via an old mule track from Altopiano del Golgo. These adventures are not for everyone, but they are worth the effort.

Spiaggia La Cinta

The sands at Spiaggia La Cinta stretch over three kilometres along the shoreline to the north and several hundred meters into the Sardinian Sea. It’s a great place to take a long stroll along the sand before sunrise or after sunset. There are lessons for beginners and paddleboards as well as windsurfing equipment. The Stagno di San Teodoro lagoon is within walking distance from the dunes. This lagoon is ideal for viewing flamingoes or herons.

Cala Pira

Cala Pira is convenient and beautifully located between two hills that protect it from the wind. This is where sailboats anchor and stay after hours, so it’s not surprising. Even if you are coming from the sea, the shallow waters of this spot are ideal for canoeing, snorkelling, and enjoying the panoramic view of Isola serpentara. This beach is also a favorite in Sardinia.


You might be looking for a change of scenery? Then head to S’Archittu and see the smooth arch of its surrounding limestone cliffs lit up by a nearby lighthouse. You might be able to see the natural bridge formed by the cliffs if you visit during daylight. This beach is beautiful and ideal for holiday photos.

Santa Giusta Beach

Santa Guista’s shallow waters make it a natural, mild ocean pool. The north side of the pool offers a spectacular view of Peppino’s Rock (a whale-shaped rock). It is easily accessible from the water and can be walked on. You’ll find sun-warmed pools around it. This one is a favorite because of its unique views and family-friendly atmosphere.

Cala Brandinchi

Cala Brandinchi is often called “Little Tahiti” because of its beauty. It is nestled in the middle of a pine forest. The greenery and striking blue of its sea are especially impressive between October and May. This is a stunning sight, especially for those who are holidaying in the low season. The birdwatchers will make you feel at home, especially if they are looking for kingfishers and flamingos in your area.

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