15 Best Day Trips from Rome

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It is not a chance to choose Rome. It’s a choice. You can satisfy your architectural and culinary cravings in style. You might not realize that there are so many other places to visit in Rome’s Eternal City. Every Italian city has a history. They are charming in their history, but they have different customs and cuisines. This guide to the 15 Best Day Trips from Rome highlights some of the best cities and natural spots that will make your trip a memorable one.

15 Best Day Trips from Rome

This list of 15 Best Day Trips From Rome will show you amazing places to wear your hiking boots for first time. You might also find the smallest restaurants where you can grab a sandwich while enjoying a visit to a Villa or a walk in an Italian Garden.

Rome doesn’t need to be introduced anymore. Here are 15 places you can visit that aren’t within the city walls. These are the best day trips on a budget from Rome. Follow the list and you will be taken to places you never imagined!

1. Giardino di Ninfa

The magnificent Giardino di Ninfa towers above the Medieval village of Cisterna di Ninfa. It is surrounded by water, and the greenery will take you away to a world of natural beauty for a while.

After visiting Santa Maria Maggiore, you can return to Rome and take a short trip out of the city.

2. Tivoli

Tivoli is one of the most affordable trips from Rome. A round-trip ticket from Termini costs just over EUR5. You can visit Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este.

Enjoy a pancetta sandwich with a glass of wine at a small restaurant, followed by a light meal at La Sibilla. Check out our list to find the best places to eat in Tivoli if you’re already there!

3. Frascati and Roman Castles

Roman Castles (i Castelli Romani), are a popular day trip from Rome. This area is filled with castles each one more stunning than the last. Each one is rocky and gives you a sense of being further back in time.

4. Albano Laziale

Albano Laziale, the largest city in Colli Albani is well-known for its beautiful architecture. To enjoy the city’s underground depths, make sure to include Albano Laziale in your itinerary when you visit Albano Laziale. It is also close to Castel Gandolfo, so you can easily make a 2-in-1 trip from Rome.

5. Castel Gandolfo

We can’t write about the top day trips to Rome without including Castel Gandolfo. This charming, century-old city is all you’d expect from a fairytale setting.

Your steps will take you to the Lake of Castel Gandolfo. Then, you can either walk along the shoreline or rent a boat so that you can swiftly navigate the beautiful lake’s waves.

6. Calcata

Calcata is one of the most sought-after day trips from Rome, Italy. We love its tranquil beauty. It is the smallest town around Rome and has a unique charm.

Enjoy the views from every corner of Calcata’s city, as you lose yourself in the imposing rocky streets. Calcata is best described by one word: Unforgettable.

7. Lago di Bracciano

Bracciano Lake is the best choice if you’re looking for water but not for day trips to the beach. This tranquil area is surrounded by small-town charm. It is a peaceful area that you can enjoy quiet afternoons with a sandwich in your bag and fresh fruit juice from the local coffee shop.

8. Ostia Antica

Ostia is not only a great beach trip from Rome but also has a highly coveted archaeological area that allows you to enjoy the ruins and feel of summer all around. After you’re done exploring the old part of Ostia go to the modern city, just two steps from the beach. Grab an ice cream at Time Out gelateria.

9. Cerveteri

Cerveteri is a top-rated day trip from Rome. The beautiful architecture and the stunning natural surroundings create a small-town atmosphere. The Etruscan Necropoli dilla Banditaccia is open to the bravest of walkers. You can marvel at the tombs of the Necropolis, a long-lost civilization.

10. Viterbo

Viterbo, just a stone’s throwing from Rome, is a stunning town. You will be transported deep into History by the city’s center, its stones and sunlit architecture. Take the train to Viterbo’s center and then head to the terms (Acque Terminali).

11. Orvieto

We can only recommend a Civita di Bagnoregio and Orvieto day trip from Rome if you are looking for something different on a sunny afternoon. You must not miss this one: The Basilica di San Francesco is Unesco-listed. You should bring your camera as the views from both cities are worth a few photos.

12. Abbazia Benedettina di Santa Maria di Farfa

The historic Lazio region is home to the Abbey of Santa Maria di Farfa, once known for its control of over 600 monasteries and churches, castles, castles, villages, and other structures. Its architecture and decorations make it a must-see spot and one of the top day trips from Rome in July or December.

13. Anzio

Anzio is one of the most loved day trips from Rome, Italy. A small piazza will greet you as you leave the train station. The sea is beautiful and turquoise further down the road.

A port and a fishmarket will remain in your memory long after you return home. An inexpensive day trip from Rome to Anzio costs less than tenner round trip. You’ll enjoy the best of Anzio if you can find a fish restaurant.

14. Nettuno

Nettuno, which is located less than an hour from Anzio by foot, is the ideal city for day trips to the beach from Rome, Italy. It’s a great day trip from Rome to Anzio. A trip to Anzio that also includes Nettuno is a great deal! Nettuno is a great budget option, as it will only cost you ten euro to travel there.

The water is clear, beautiful and relaxing. It’s one of the most popular day trips from Rome. We believe this is one of the most popular day trips from Rome in December, even though water is the main protagonist. Indeed! You can also enjoy the city’s other side, in complete coziness.

15. Roccantica

Roccantica is a hidden gem that you’ll fall in love with the moment you step foot in the city. It is located on a high cliff, just an hour from Rome. This is definitely one the most affordable day trips from Rome.

We can guarantee that you will fall in love the beautiful architecture. Take a stroll around this charming small town, and you’ll be back refreshed!

The 15 Best Day Trips From Rome


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One could not have imagined that Rome had so much more to offer than what they saw on their first visit. Lazio’s nature is amazing. Walking through beautiful fields, you can spot an abandoned necropolis. Amazing shots can be taken of buildings that have been ruined over time.

Hidden gems can be found all over Rome, whether you’re looking for day trips to Civita di Bagnoregio and Orvieto, or to go on a day trip to the best beaches in Rome, Italy. To enjoy the best day trips on a budget from Rome, all you have to do is keep your eyes and mind open!

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