Rome, Italy. Sloping Roof Of Pantheon And Cityscape Of Town


There are a lot of simple cities that appear and disappear in history, but Rome is a history by itself. It is a grandfather of all cities, still strong and beautiful. Walking around this city you begin to realize that you are walking literally through the pages of a history book. It’s a common phrase that Rome stands on 7 hills and each of the hills has an important Roman landmark. Get yourselves over to the Colosseum and get immersed in stories of Gladiators and other events that made this place such a favourite.

Italy is adored for its delicious cuisine, Rome for its incredible beauty. The best compilation is to eat Italian food and enjoy the view of a wonderful city. On one corner of the square is a shop named, Forno. This bakery has been a daily destination for many Romans for decades. It is considered as the best place to have focaccia in all of Rome. Get on the queue and try the Roman-style pizzas that are second to none. In such a place like Rome, you do not want to save on a hotel or apartment, but even for a small amount, you can find a decent place to stay. When you depart the city you may think about the sites you may have missed. In any case, you threw your coins in the fountain which assures a return.

Events in Rome
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