15 top day trips from Milan

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Milan is one the most beautiful cities in Italy. Milan is also surrounded by beautiful places that make it a great day trip destination. You will find many beautiful towns and cities, as well as lakes and mountains, in the North of Italy. You can then plan Lake Como day trip from Milan, Bellagio day trips to Cinque Terre or Milan to Verona and Lake Garda day trips. We’ll be sharing some fantastic tips for day trips to Milan as well as ideas for other times of the year like day trips from Milan to Verona and Lake Garda in December or summertime. Let’s take a look at the top 15 day trips from Milan Italy.

15 Best Day Trips From Milan Italy

15-day trips from Milan… I’ve already mentioned that there are amazing locations that you can visit on a 1-day trip from Milan. If you wanted to see them all, it would take at least 15 days. These are only the highlights. Let’s explore together Lake Como day trips from Milan, day trips from Milan from November and day trips to Milan from January.

We will also be sharing details about the day trip to Portofino, Milan to Lake Como, and Lugano. Many people have asked whether it is possible to take a day trip from Milan to Venice. We’ll be discussing the train trip from Milan to Venice in this post. If you are planning on staying a few nights in Milan make sure to check out our affordable hotels and the luxurious hotels.

1. Day trip from Milan to Lake Como or Bellagio

Lake Como is a beautiful day trip from Milan. Lake Como will take you to beautiful lakeside towns without you having to travel far. It’s easy to plan a Lake Como day trip by train from Milan!

The train ride from Milano Centrale into Como takes approximately an hour and is very affordable. You’ll still have plenty of time to explore the lake or relax at it, whether you are planning a trip to Lake Como for a single day from Milan or Bellagio for a full day.

2. Lago Maggiore

Lake Maggiore or Lago Maggiore may not be as well-known as Lake Como and Lake Garda but it is close. It is one of the largest lakes in Italy. Lake Maggiore offers stunning landscapes that you can get lost in, and make a lasting love. If you are looking for a day trip from Milan, you can either plan a boat tour or do some hiking.

If you’re choosing Lake Maggiore over a Lake Como daytrip from Milan, be sure to visit Isola Bella as well as the beautiful villa and gardens. This is a unique experience that we highly recommend.

3. Lake Iseo

Although Lake Iseo may not be as popular with foreign visitors, it is still a great option for those looking for a peaceful place and stunning scenery overlooking the mountains. Lake Iseo offers a more tranquil option if you are looking for a day trip to Lake Como, Milan.

If you are looking for ideas for day trips to Milan, then I can tell you that the view, peace, and overall experience of the area is well worth it. Lake Iseo, one of Italy’s most beautiful lakes, is a hidden gem.

4. Lake Garda

Lake Garda is my favorite day trip from Milan. I have done day trips and two-day trips to Lake Garda four times. Two times, I visited Sirmione, one of the most magical towns in Lake Garda. Riva del Garda was also visited.

Sirmione is an excellent place to visit during the summer. The stunning castle, beaches, and boats are all part of Sirmione. Sirmione can also be a great day trip from Milan in November or December. There is a spa that’s ideal for cold getaways. Day trips from Milan to Verona or Lake Garda should be planned. You will need to plan one day to visit the lake and one to Verona.

If you are looking for a day trip to Milan from Lake Garda, then I recommend adding Sirmione and Desenzano to your list. At least one! The lake area is stunning, just as the lake itself!

5. Portofino

Portofino feels like miniature heaven. It is one of the most breathtaking coastal cities in Italy and is undoubtedly the most beautiful spot on Liguria. Portofino’s lands offer breathtaking views of the sea and these colorful towns are just a few.

Portofino’s stunning views and clear water are just two reasons to visit. But the entire town is magical. It’s not the most affordable 1 day trip from Milan and almost everything is expensive. A day trip to Portofino is a great option, and it’s the perfect summertime choice!

6. Trentino

Who doesn’t love skiing? Trentino is the paradise of ski resorts, Italy! Beautiful mountain scenery, beautiful mountain villages, and towns. We have you covered if you are visiting Trentino for other reasons than sports. Trentino is the perfect place to plan 1 day trips starting from Milan or, if you prefer skiing, day trips starting from Milan in January.

Trentino is a good option if you are looking for day trips to Milan in the summer. Bolzano is a beautiful town, but Trento is our favorite. You can also plan a visit to Trento’s stunning Buonconsiglio castle. Enjoy the magnificent view from the castle while you eat and take in the views of the huge hills outside.

7. Limone sul Garda

Limone sul Garda gives you the feeling of being on the beach. It has a warm, coastal vibe that makes it a favorite town near Lake Garda. It’s a wonderful place to cycle, eat and explore near the lake.

Limone sul Garda is a great alternative to the Lake Como daytrip from Milan. There are many activities available, including boating, watersports, relaxing on the beach and hiking. This is a great place to go out with friends, and it’s also a great spot to have a good time.

8. Verona

As I mentioned in Lake Garda: If you plan day trips from Milan, Verona, and Lake Garda each day, make sure to spend one day there. Veronais a beautiful city in Italy. I cannot get enough of it no matter how many times we return. Verona, a beautiful medieval town, is definitely worth a day trip from Milan.

Verona can get very hot and humid in the summer. This is not for everyone. Verona is still stunning in winter even though it isn’t warm out. Verona is a great option if you are looking for day trips to Milan in November, December or January.

9. Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre has been a shining star when it comes to day trips from Milan. It’s possible to do day trips from Milan and Cinque Terre. You can take the train from Milan to Cinque Terre. However, it is a long journey.

You should know that Cinque Terre towns are very close together if you plan a trip from Milan to Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre is easily accessible by train. The average travel time between towns is 5 minutes.

This means that you can plan your trip from Milan to Cinque Terre for one day, and then rush through the rest of the day, returning in the evening. To ensure you have enough time to see everything, I recommend at least two-day trips from Milan to Cinque Terre.

10-day trip by train from Milan to Venice

You can do a day trip from Milan to Venice. Yes, you can! You can! It takes about three and a quarter hours for direct trains to Venice from Milano Centrale. As I said about the Cinque Terre trip, the same applies to Venice. You should either get up very early or plan to spend 2 days in Venice if you are planning a day trip by train from Milan to Venice.

Venice is huge and you can explore so many places! You must plan ahead if you are going to take a train from Milan to Venice for just one day. You’ll waste your time and not get anywhere. You can easily take a day trip to Venice and see the main landmarks.

11. Genoa – Day trips from Milan

Genoa is one of the most well-known coastal cities in northern Italy. Genoa is a fantastic option if you are planning a day trip from Milan and want to visit the coasts and a beautiful city.

Genoa is a popular destination in Liguria especially during summer. You can also enjoy delicious food and stunning landmarks and museums.

12. Turin

Chocolate is a well-known Italian brand and a rapidly-developing city located at the foot of the mountains. All Torino (Turin) Visit the Egyptian museum while you explore the city’s beautiful center and landmarks. Turin is a great option for city day trips, especially if it’s November or December.

Even if you are looking for day trips to Milan in January, it is easy to explore the city. Although it might be cold outside, you can warm up with some wine and chocolate while exploring all that Turin has to provide. You can also visit nearby mountains if you have more time!

13. Piacenza

Piacenza, photo from


Piacenza is located in the Emilia Romagna region, approximately 55 minutes train ride from Milano Centrale station. Piacenza may not be the right choice if you are looking for day trips to Milan in November and December. It’s a great choice for 1-day trips from Milan in the spring or summer.

Piacenza’s historic center is stunning with its many churches, beautiful buildings and streets. You must try the local specialties, such as the piacenza coppa and salumi. This place is beautiful, quiet, and peaceful.

14. Parma

We’ve already mentioned the Emilia Romagna cold cuts and the delicious food from the region. Now we want to highlight another option for day trips from Milan. Parma is the second largest city in Emilia Romagna, after Piacenza. This is where you will find Parmigiano Reggiano (parmesan) and Prosciutto di Parma (the most well-known type of Italian ham).

Parma is a great day trip from Milan in November and January. But this is only if you are looking for a culinary tour. It is too cold outside to really enjoy the outdoor tables and sunshine of the city. Parma has many stunning landmarks, and a factory tour at Parmigiano Reggiano, or the ham factory, is definitely a great option for a day trip to Milan.

15. Bergamo

Bergamo can be reached by bus or train from Milan. The Bergamo airport, Milan’s main airport, is located near Bergamo. If you are planning a 1 day trip to Milan, and fly out of Bergamo, then you can spend your last day in Bergamo.

Bergamo’s historic center is located on the top of a hill. The town is simply stunning. Bergamo’s main square, charming streets, and old houses will make you fall for it! Bergamo is also a great option for day trips to Milan in November or winter. However, the temperature can be quite low.

The 10 Best Day Trips from Milan Italy

There are many options for day trips from Milan, as you can see. We have discussed the most popular options such as the Lake Como daytrip from Milan or the day trip to Bellagio from Milan. You’ve also seen how to do a daytrip to Portofino from Milan and a train trip from Milan to Venice.

We also checked the temperatures and saw some of the most popular summer destinations, as well as day trips to Milan in December and January. Now you have some ideas for day trips from Milan and Verona to Lake Garda and Milan to Lake Como or Lugano.

We also answered the question of can you take a day trip from Milan to Venice, and gave some tips. Milan is beautiful, and northern Italy should be visited! How about exploring the most beautiful medieval cities in Italy?

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