10 Best Italian Chocolate Brands

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Raffaello was my favorite bonbon since I was five years old. Raffaello was always a gift from my father when he returned from long work trips. It was an extra gift he gave me for St. Nicolaus Day, my birthday and for all the times he was expecting gifts. I was happier than the moment he pulled out white bonbons with coconut, almond cream, and cream from his pocket. There are many other great Italian chocolate brands I grew up loving, beyond this label. Below you will find information about the top artisan chocolate companies in Italy and the biggest companies that produce the products to which we are most attached.

It is not surprising that Italian chocolate brands have made a difference in the world compared to other brands. Italian chocolate is unique because it uses the finest ingredients and strives for excellence. If someone asks me which country produces the best chocolate brands I will answer, Italy is a close second to Belgium and Switzerland.

These are the 10 best Italian chocolate brands that you need to know

Many people wonder why Italian chocolate is so delicious. Or how can the Italian chocolate brands continue to offer sweet delights that are as good as any other product? Their passion for excellence, their processes, and their recipes are the key to their success.

It is also important that the ingredients are perfect for making Italian chocolate brands so beloved. You can think of the incredible Ferrero Rocher and Kinder Bueno, Raffaello or the Perugiana. We have also selected other Italian chocolate brands to make it a total of 10 top-rated Italian chocolate brands. Let’s see which of these are!

1. Ferrero Rocher is one of the most renowned Italian chocolate brands

I am sure that you have had the Ferrero Rocher, as well as the Kinder Bueno, at least once in your lifetime. Although it might surprise you, Kinder Bueno is actually Italian and is made by Ferrero Rocher. These sweets are a favorite of many, especially in Europe. This is why we began our selection of the top Italian chocolate brands with Ferrero Rocher.

Ferrero Group is the largest sweets and chocolate brand in the world. We must not forget the beautiful and elegant packaging that Ferrero Group uses. The inspiration for Ferrero’s brand is the Italian pastry excellence. Ferrero was established in 1946 and has been a leader in the European chocolate and delicacy market for many decades.

2. Baci – Perugina

Baci Perugina’s history has been fascinating since 1922. It has a rich history that made it a major icon in the chocolate world. Cazzotto was the first brand name for chocolate. It resembled a punch. The name of the chocolate changed to Baci later on because of the meaning: kisses.

The Baci brand chocolates resemble a love story in their packaging. Baci Perugina is an Italian chocolatier that produces the finest Italian chocolate. It has irregularly shaped chocolates, Gianduja and hazelnut crumbs. All of these chocolates are sunk with delicious dark chocolate. These are the perfect bites to make you fall in LOVE. The perfect bites that will make you fall in love with the person who received them (if applicable), but also with Baci chocolates.

3. Nutella

Michele Ferrero made the first Nutella in 1965. It all began with Piero Ferrero’s 1946 Giandujot, a sweet paste that was made into a bread that could be cut. The Super Crema was created in 1951, and the Giandujot transformed into a creamier product that was easier for spread. Michele Ferrero created Nutella in 1964. It was the first ever jar of cocoa and hazelnut cream.

Nutella has been sold in 160 countries since 1964. Over the years, the delicious hazelnut cream has become a favorite of many children, as well as many people who love sweets. As we said, Nutella is made by Ferrero Rocher and is one of the most well-known Italian chocolate brands.

4. Gardini



Gardini, an Italian handcrafted chocolate brand that has won numerous awards, has a history that spans over 70 years. It all began in late 1950s when Filippo Gardini and Mentana Gardini opened their first bakery shop. Maria Gardini, their daughter, continued the tradition in 1965. They started out by making pastries, which was a huge success.

This success led to the opening of the famous pastry shop Pasticceria Le Perle, in Lido di Spina in 1976. The pastry was a hit all over Emilia Romagna, and it has grown in popularity over the years. Gardini began to focus on chocolate in 1987. Gardini’s artisan products are now available in many countries throughout Europe, Italy, and the United States. They are therefore worthy of a place on our list for the top Italian chocolate brands.

5. Gobino

You must be aware that Torino is the location of most of the top artisan chocolate brands in Italy. Guido Gobino, one of the most renowned artisan chocolate brands in Italy, was founded in 1964 by Giuseppe Gobino and then taken over by Guido.

Guido Gobino is a renowned Italian artisan chocolate brand. It has been a 50-year-old tradition. Over the years, they have won numerous international awards and are well-known in Japan, America, Europe and Japan. You can also sign up to taste chocolate in the shop and at the Gobino factory if you are in Torino!

6. Venchi – A brand of Italian chocolate that dates back to the beginning

Venchi, one of the most established Italian chocolate companies, has over 140 years experience in the business. Silviano Venchi was a Turin-born 20-year-old boy who fell in love with chocolate and spent all his savings on two bronze cauldrons. He began to experiment with chocolate in his Turin apartment, and then in a small space in Borgo Vanchiglia, Turin. The Nougatine, a bon-bon made of chopped and caramelized Piedmont hazelnuts, was created a few years later. It is a delicious treat that includes extra dark chocolate.

Venchi, an Italian chocolate brand, became famous after creating the Chocoviar and Tartufini. Gianduiotti and Cremini were also created. Venchi has over 350 chocolate recipes, and 90 gelato varieties that are available in more than 70 countries across Europe and the rest of the world. Venchi is a top-quality Italian chocolate brand that you must try.

7. Amedei



Amadei was established in the stunning Tuscany area in 1990. Like many Italian chocolate brands, the idea of Amadei is not to have dozens of low-quality products, but rather having a few that are perfect. Amadei, an Italian artisan chocolate brand, has won the Golden Bean Award twice and other international awards 83 times. Their success is due to the exclusive use of high-quality cocoa beans from verified locations and their passion for sweet delights.

Amadei’s first and most well-known product is the Toscano Black 70. This 70% extra dark chocolate blend is perfectly balanced and has a distinctive aroma profile that includes hints of cedarwood, roasted malt and tobacco. Amadei’s first Golden Bean Award went to the Toscano 63 in 2008. London’s Academy of Chocolate awarded the Toscano black in 2008.

8. Domori



Gianluca Franzoni founded Domori. Gianluca Franzoni, after completing his studies, moved to Venezuela in 1993. There, his passion for gastronomy developed into a passion for cocoa. To preserve biodiversity and prevent the extinction Criollo chocolate, he spent three years in the fields.

Domori was established in 1997. It is the only company to produce fine cacao and see the human aspect as equally important as the raw material. Since then, Domori has been fighting to preserve these rare varieties of cacao and the farmers who grow them. Domori was the only person who has a passion as intense for noble cocoa. This makes Domori one of the most popular Italian chocolate brands.

9. T’a Milano



T’a Milano is a name we have to mention when talking about the best Italian chocolate brands. The brand’s history dates back to the Alemagna family’s early 1900s family tradition in pastry. After WW1, Gioacchino Alemagna took the opportunity to describe the history of Italian dessert. The brand was unstoppable after the second expansion with two luxury pastry shops located in Milan and Rome.

Tancredi and Alberto Alemagna founded the T’a Milano in 2008. Two passionate entrepreneurs who love chocolate and Haute Patisserie created T’a Milano in 2008. T’a Milano has evolved from chocolate to catering and banqueting as well as its T’a Milano Restaurant&Bistro.

10. Caffarel

Caffarel’s history began in 1926 when Pier Paul Caffarel, an Italian chocolatier, opened his first chocolate laboratory in Turin. The appearance of Gianduiotto, in 1865, was another significant event. This was the first ever chocolate made from hazelnut. The Caffarel chocolate was the most popular Italian chocolate at the table of European royals in the late 19th century.

It has grown to be a global brand and is one of the most popular Italian chocolate brands. The Caffarel artisan chocolatiers are following the footsteps of Pier Paul Caffarel, who started it in 1826. The traditional taste that even kings loved.

Wrapping up our 10 best Italian chocolate brands – Famous Italian chocolate brand names

Scrolling through an assortment of fine Italian chocolate brands has been a pleasure. This list of the 10 top Italian chocolate brands names is another reminder of how Italians love chocolate. As you can see, these Italian chocolate brands have spread across the country, and are now enjoyed by chocolate lovers from around the globe.

The “Made in Italy” tag once again reflected the essence of Italy in terms of quality, craftsmanship and passion. There are many reasons why Italian products can be irreplaceable.

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