A day in Florence

Delicious Food of Florence

We were hungry after arriving just as the sun was setting. We went to the nearest pizza shop. We found it to be an outdoor area crowded with teens and roaring with laughter. It was in contrast to the plain red-white checked theme.

The sight of the mozzarella drizzled from the hot crusts was enough to make us squeal when we got our food. The tomato and olive-infused dough were devoured by all four of us before long. Just like the locals, we were rolling the slices and eating a few bites.

It is a comforting, homely feeling that is complemented by the delicious Margherita pizza aroma.

We were welcomed with a buffet breakfast the next morning. A variety of cheese was on display with placards that indicated some unreadable names. There was also Fettunta.

As a tourist who is wildly enthusiastic, I made a list of the “must-have” dishes from every region of Italy. Bruschetta, also known as Fettunta, is the original garlic bread that’s dipped in olive oil and shredded cheese.

Passion, Art & Architecture

We set out on our day in Florence. The warm sun and the cold Mid-June breeze made it difficult for me to take off my hat as I walked down cobbled streets. We were greeted warmly by friendly locals as we made our way to Santa Maria del Fiore, also known as Duomo di Firenze.

It was my first thought. I felt like a tide. I was blown away by the detail and intricacy of it.

The masterpiece was completed by specks of scarlet and juniper green in the designs of the figures. The passion and skill displayed by the architects were evident. It was evident that they spent long hours sculpting, displaying their amazing skills, and putting up their masterpieces for millions.

It made me think about Dan Brown’s book Angels and Demons. My mind was whirling at the beauty of it all.

We finally found ourselves in Uffizi Gallery after tracing the map with our squinted eyes. Unfortunately, the ticket booths had been closed some time ago. We decided to explore Loggia Dei Lanzi, eager to make the most of our trip.

We were here to observe Italian art students, who had gone there before and were deeply involved in creating paintings of the structures.

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The sculptures were carefully carved, mimicking the curves and folds of real people. The charcoal-black sculpture of Perseus holding the head of the slain Medusa that I was most amazed by was the one in charcoal.

It was smooth and silky from chiseled muscles. The sun’s rays reflected a green tinge on it, which left me stunned.

Ponte Vecchio: A magical evening

After admiring the Roman architecture, and going on about the myths surrounding each piece of art in Roman history, we decided to go to a Gelato shop nearby. We enjoyed thick, velvety gelato that was rich in flavor and rich with sweetness.

A scoop of espresso was my choice, rich in the flavor of cocoa beans and coffee, with a scoop of chocolate mocha. These vibrant colors complemented each other so well, that I had to melt my gelato while trying to capture intense food photography.

Despite the long days, the serenity and air in Florence keep anyone from becoming tired of walking. The views also keep it exciting and thrilling.

A few teenagers emerged on the streets, reverberating with joy as the sunset. After a hard day of hustle, middle-aged people continued to walk on, exuding a surge of hope.

One thing that unites all locals is the subtle smile on their lips, and the warmth they radiate in whispers of “Ciao.” We found ourselves at the Ponte Vecchio, our last scheduled sight in Florence.

It dates back 670 years, making it one of the oldest arch bridges built over the Arno River. It has stood strong despite all the turmoil and storms, proving its endurance.

My eyes drifted across its mysterious stonework as the intoxicating scent of fresh buns and pastries wafted in my cold night wind. The bridge was in a trance that everyone could feel as the bustling of hawkers and their souvenir baskets echoed across the streets.

Night had fallen. The sky was dark blue with the faintest hint of stars. Ponte Vecchio was full of couples, single individuals, and families. It was a beautiful tapestry of tourists and locals, all lost in their own thoughts.

Soon, a street musician picked up his guitar and began to play the first notes of a song. Although the words were not familiar, I could not help but hum them.

His quiet voice was in perfect synch with the melody that his fingers effortlessly played, the tune echoing throughout Florence all day.

Florence: Love is All Around

My attention stayed on the brunette woman in her late thirties as she was the brunette. Her hair was streaked white, and her face was stained with dried tears. As if begging for the hug she desired, her fingers clutched at herself as trembling. Perhaps she was thinking back to the love that she had held close but lost.

Two young lovers in their twenties, hands intertwined, eyes looking into each other’s depths. Perhaps silently praying for the flames of their love to never go out.

A woman of elderly grips her clutch. Her lips are chapped and she smiles in a way that evokes the love she shared with this place.

A handsome young man from the Middle East in his teens, with a darkened face and a hint of sadness. Perhaps he is looking for love, or perhaps he is drowning in the memories of his past.

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My family is the second, a brown family with its children looking in wonder at this marvel from thousands of miles away. Their blood is filled with gratitude for this chance to be there.

Each day, every person is hypnotized by the magic of Florence. Strangers from all over the world, speaking different languages but bound together by the unmistakable love that exists within each of them.

A passion for history and architecture. A love for diverse cuisines and tastes. A desire to have affection and cherish memories. The unquenchable thirst for adventure binds them together.

I was captivated by the beauty of this planet and stood there. Finally, I felt like I belonged in this sea of strangers about whom I had no idea. Finally, I felt at home. It was the perfect way to end our day in Florence.

You must visit these places:

  • Uffizi Gallery
  • Loggia Dei Lanzi
  • Ponte Vecchio
  • Duomo di Firenze
  • Dante’s House
  • Basilica of Santa Croce, Florence
  • Accademia Gallery (Michelangelo’s David in here!)
  • Fountain of Neptune
  • Palatine Gallery
  • Ristorante II David (Every foodie’s dream come true).
  • To see the Leaning Tower of Pisa, train to Pisa

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