Thanks to Shakespeare, the entire world has learned the story of the most tragic and romantic love in the world. The story about Romeo and Juliet which happened in Verona. You can find Juliet’s house with a beautiful courtyard, where Romeo secretly made his way to see his beloved. This is the best place for the declaration of love. Verona has an unforgettable atmosphere, narrow streets and ancient buildings.

Please, walk along the main square of the city. The main shopping area is Piazza Delle Erbe, located on the site of the Roman Forum. This square is a mix of various historical periods, as illustrated by buildings of the fourteenth century. It is including Casa de Mercanti, painted facades of the houses of Mazzanti and the fountain Madonna Verona or Fontana di Madonna Verona in the center of which is a statue of the Roman era.

The city is full of cozy cafes and restaurants where chefs offer to try local dishes.

Events in Verona
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