Adventure Parks

Adventure parks in Sicilia are an outdoor playground for those who love to climb and challenge gravity. There are courses that can be suspended between tall trees and among the rocks. They offer a variety of levels, suitable for both children and adults. You can move freely with the assistance of trained staff and under careful supervision. The park has everything you need: harnesses, carabiners and pulleys reduce the chance of getting hurt.

Adventure Parks in Sicily –

Bosco D’Alcamo – Alcamo ( Trapani). The Bosco D’Alcamo adventure park is for adults who love to explore the wonders of nature and not be bored.

Eco-campus Casaboli – Pioppo (Palermo)

All ages, both children and adults, can take part in acrobatics. Climbing, hiking, creative workshops, orienteering and summer camp for families or children. You can also eat outside in the woods or grill.

Etna Avventura Serra La Nave – Etna Nicolosi (Catania)

There are a number of trails through the trees that can be found at various heights above the ground. Each trail is distinguished by difficulty and effort. There are a number of platforms that cross the course, including Chinese bridges, Tibetan bridges, vines, walkways and Tyrolean traverses. This allows everyone to test their bravery and skills in total safety. The specialized staff makes sure that each user has the appropriate safety equipment, including a helmet, harness, carabiners, pulleys and carabiners, before they go on the routes.

Monti Rossi Adventure Park Etna Nicolosi (Catania)

You will find many new activities at the Adventure Park of Nicolosi Monti Rossi Adventure Park. There are educational workshops, games, balance and nature trails. Also, you can take guided tours to see the unique features of the Monti Rossi volcanic cone. It’s never been more fun to balance on a log or slide silently from a pulley, or tackle the thrill of a trail upside-down safely and respectfully.

Nebrodi Adventure Park – Longi (Messina)

It is the first Adventure Park to be established in Messina. It offers a fun, exciting and enjoyable way to explore the beauty of the natural world and the stunning scenery of the Nebrodi mountains. It is open to all ages and allows them to have direct contact with nature.

Parco Avventura Antiche Solfare – San Cataldo (Caltanissetta)

Adventur Park, archery, and orienteering.

Parco Avventura Etna Etna Milo (Catania)

The Parco Scarbaglio di Milo is home to the Etna adventure park. Bar, pi-nisc and barbecue area. Canyoning and hiking.

Parco Avventura Madonie – Petralia Sottana (Palermo)

It is surrounded by pine and chestnut trees and has many adventure trails for all ages. It would be difficult to navigate it, dealing with all the different routes, from the easiest to most difficult. Large picnic area with tables, barbecue and grill included.

ParcallarioBucchieri (Siracusa)

Parcallario is the new adventure park located in the heart south-eastern Sicily. It is situated in a large, green area called “Bosco di Santa Maria”, which is rich in pine, oak, and chestnut trees. Enjoy a spectacular adventure in the stunning setting of the Hyblaean Mountains. Entertainment, nature, and delicious food are all on offer.

Parco Natura Avventura Finestrelle – Santa Ninfa (Trapani)

Santa Ninfa is home to the last-generation Adventure Park. You can also hike, mtb, and harchery on the paths suspended between trees.

Pozzillo Avventura – Regalbuto (Enna)

Pozzillo Adventure organizes activities for Scout, Grest, and summer camps. Climbing, hiking, and experiential workshops are all available. Cableways can be used to cross the Pozzillo Lake (355 m).

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