The 10 Best Italian Water Parks

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We’ll be adding another attraction to the already extensive information we have about Italy. Italy is a country that has everything when it comes to culture, art and cuisine. We’ve all seen the stunning Italian cities, their beautiful architecture and delicious cuisine. You may not have seen the best attractions in Italy yet: the water parks of Italy. Get ready for the most thrilling aqua adventure in Italy!

What are the top water parks in Italy, and where can you find them? Map of water parks in Italy

All over Italy, you will find the famous water parks. They can be classified as indoor water park Italy or outdoor water park Italy. It would only take a simple search for water parks in Italy to locate the many water parks located in Italy.

I have made it easier for you to choose. Below is a list of the top 10 water parks in Italy, along with the best selection.

1. Italy: Valle Dell’Orso Naples Water Park

Valle Dell’Orso Naples water park Italy – Photo from

Valle Dell’Orso Naples waterpark Italy should be your first choice. It is a mixture of fun and wellness, set in a beautiful natural setting. It is not only a waterpark, but also an adventure park. You can get adrenaline from the swimming pool waves and toboggans. You can also find chill zones with picnic areas and hot tubs that offer hydromassage.

All of these factors make Valle Del’ Orso Neapolita water park in Italy a great choice for families who want to spend their summer in Italy.

2. Venice, Italy: Carribe Bay waterpark

Caribe Bay water park Italy – Photo from

The Caribe Bay waterpark Italy is our second choice. You will be amazed at all the water attractions you’ll find there. Caribe Bay Venice has tobocanes. This is a bay that features pirate-themed attractions, such as battlegrounds and jumps.

There are many activities you can do there, including bungee jumping or climbing. Caribe Bay is the ideal place to visit for an entire package of attractions and experiences.

3. Castelnuovo del Garda water park Italy

Castelnuovo del Garda – Legoland water park Italy – Photo from

Verona, Gardaland’s resort, has its own water park: Legoland waterpark Italy. The combo ticket allows you to enter both Legoland and Gardaland. It is a great place for families.

Legoland is a fully-themed interactive park that features slides, toboggans and adventures as well as games and parties. The whole area is home to bars, restaurants, bars, and lounges for adults.

4. Aqualandia, Benidorm

Aqualandia Benidorm – Photo from

Aqualandia is all about you. You have the option to choose from the family, friends, or extreme route. These roots will make your Aqualandie Benidorm experience unforgettable and, above all, hilarious.

This is the perfect place for everyone to come together and choose from entertainment, relaxation, laughter or pure adrenalin. Aqualandia’s water park also boasts Europe’s longest standing slide and the woods’ tallest capsule slide.

5. Caneva Aqua park Verona Italy: One of the most popular water parks in Italy


Caneva Aqua Park Verona Italy is another popular water park . This is the perfect place for those who enjoy both water slides and jumps as well as relaxing areas. It is also known as the Caribbean Island of Lake Garda.

Caneva Aqua Park Verona has it all. The resort also has shops and restaurants.

6. Hydromania Aqua Park Rome

Hydromania aqua park Rome – Photo from

Hydromania Rome, a water park, is located in an ideal location. It’s easy to reach by public transport. Hydromania is the perfect place to spend unforgettable days on a tropical island.

There are many entertainment options, including multiple water slides, rides and thrilling underwater quests. You can also take dance or aerobics lessons. The best water parks in Italy also offer dining, shopping, and bars.

7. Parco Cavour Verona

Parco Cavour Verona – Photo from

Ever thought about all the things you could want in a matter if leisure and fun in an oasis of green? Parco Cavour Verona offers a wide range of entertainment events, sports and fun.

It has been around for over 40 years, and it is still a major attraction in Italy. The park is surrounded by rolling hills with vineyards. It is regarded as one of Italy’s best water parks. Its natural surroundings give it the look of a natural pond and allow for peace and tranquility.

8. Aqua Park Odissea 2000, Cosenza

Aqua Park Odissea 2000, Cosenza – Photo from

The Aqua Park Odiseea waterpark in Italy is well-known for its spectacular slides that reach more than 22 meters tall and extend more than 200 metres. It’s also famous for its unmissable attractions, including swimming pools, waterfalls and temples.

Make sure you don’t miss any of the interactive animations for kids and adults. You can also enjoy the shops, bars, restaurants, and picnic area. It is one of the most beautiful water parks in Italy.

9. Aquantica Park, Milan

Aquantica Park, Milan – Photo from

One of the most popular water parks in Italy is Aquantica Park Milan. You’ll find a playground, pools, solarium and more than 15 slides here.

Another interesting aspect of this water park is that it has two nightclubs, which allows you to enjoy the Italian nightlife. This water park will make it seem like you’re on a weekend vacation outside of Milan.

10. Aqua Village Follonica

We are now at the last destination of the top 10 water parks in Italy. The Aqua Village Fallonica, also known as the amusement center of Fallonica, is also well-known. The Aquatic Village Fallonica is a fun and exciting place that allows you to feel the Hawaiian spirit. It features slides, swimming pools, and moving water.

The Hawaiian setting with its waterfalls, water games and sensory and energizing baths makes it a great place for adults looking to retreat.

Our 10 top water parks in Italy are now complete.

You can find our selection of the top 10 water parks in Italy right here. All the information you need to know about Aqualandia, the Naples Water Park Italy, the indoor waterpark Italy, and the water park Italy Lake Garda is available here. This 10 Best Water Parks in Italy list has many structures that offer different amenities for families, children, and adrenaline junkies.

We have also added a useful article to help you discover all that Italy has to offer and where to experience every one of your fun dreams. Enjoy the slides and retreats, as well as the rides!

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