Sicily’s Archaeological Parks

An Archaeological Park reveals its most captivating aspects in a magical setting.

This itinerary will allow you to enjoy nature and geology of the area as well as the historical testimony which tells you about architecture, urban planning, and mining sites.

These are places that have seen changes over time due to human presence. They are places where every single characteristic blends together and is revealed to visitors.

The Archaeological Parks System of Sicily is innovative in its approach to conservation and management. It involves all local organizations. This has enabled the system to be more dynamic in its preservation, management, conservation, and defense of regional archaeological heritage. It also allows for better accessibility to facilitate cultural and social growth in a dynamic relationship to the rest of the world.

The Archaeological Parks Project – which was created in Sicily by Sebastiano Tusa (a world-respected archeologist) – includes 14 local areas: Some new experiential routes that take you through extraordinary open-air museums.

All we have to do is choose!

  • Parco archeologico e paesaggistico della Valle dei Templi

  • Parco archeologico di Gela

  • Parco archeologico e paesaggistico di Catania e della Valle dell’Aci

  • Parco archeologico di Morgantina e della Villa Romana del Casale di Piazza Armerina
  • Parco archeologico delle Isole Eolie

  • Parco archeologico di Naxos e Taormina

  • Parco archeologico di Tindari
  • Parco archeologico di Himera, Solunto e Jato
  • Parco archeologico di Kamarina e Cava D’Ispica
  • Parco archeologico di Siracusa, Eloro e Villa del Tellaro
  • Parco archeologico di Leontinoi
  • Parco archeologico di Segesta
  • Parco archeologico di Selinunte, Cave di Cusa e Pantelleria
  • Parco archeologico di Lilibeo


Touristic-archaeological webmap of Siciliy, edit by LabGis Osservatorio Turistico -Sicilian Region

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