Five Best Options for Italy Travel Insurance

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What travel insurance do I need for Italy? This is the most common question you have asked. Below we will discuss a few things about travel insurance for Italy. Travel insurance should be purchased for Italy as well as any other country, no matter where you are traveling. It’s better to be safe than panicking when unexpected events happen. Below are some of the top companies that offer travel insurance Italy. This will allow you to be confident that there is nothing to worry about while on your trip. We will start with our favorite Italy travel insurance. It has been our favourite for many years. Then, we’ll show you some other options that have been highly recommended by frequent travelers.

Five Best Options for Travel Insurance in Italy

Before we get into the topic of travel insurance Italy, we want to remind you that if your decision is not yet made, it’s possible to review our list of summer destinations, Tuscan towns, island, and other beautiful places in this country. When looking for travel insurance in Italy, make sure you choose a company that is easy-to-reach, simple to contact, and affordable.

You should verify what medical and travel conditions are covered and how many coverage companies offer in Italy before you purchase travel insurance. As I mentioned, it is important to not accept a “no” when you ask for travel insurance for Italy. Without insurance, traveling can cause headaches and nothing else. We’ll highlight the information below about travel insurance to Italy.

1. Safetywing

Safetywing is an insurance company that has been around since 2018. We recommend Safetywing if you are looking for travel insurance Italy. Safetywing is very affordable. The prices were calculated based on 5 days of travel to Italy. It costs $7.50. That’s quite affordable, I think.

For a month you can travel for around $42 and both health emergencies as well as travel are covered. The Safety Wing policy covers you for any travel-related issues such as baggage loss and delay, natural disasters, political evacuation, emergency medical evacuation, among others. You are covered for hospital, ambulance, urgent costs, emergency dental, chiropractic care, and physical therapy.

You can visit their website to learn more about the coverage and how much. It’s simple and easy to navigate, but it is detailed enough that you will be able to understand. The answer to your question about travel insurance in Italy is yes. It’s possible for many of these things to happen at any moment, so it’s important to be protected. Safety Wing offers Italy travel insurance, as well as other countries, with an easy-to use platform that allows you to apply for insurances, manage them, and even cancel them. This is our favorite!

2. Nomads around the World

World Nomads is a popular company for those who are constantly on the move and need travel insurance in Italy. This is especially true for young adults. World Nomads offers great travel insurance in Italy, and it speaks English well. However, it is a little expensive. The price for a US-based 30-year-old to travel to Italy for five days was $54.99. This seems high compared to the previous quote.

World Nomads travel insurance is designed by travelers. It covers you and your family 24/7, plus more than 200 adventure activities and all the essentials to make sure you have a safe trip. World Nomads is a great option for those who enjoy outdoor activities. You can have a great time on your trip, regardless of whether you are at the coast or up the mountain.

3. Travel Guard

Travel Guard is another option if you are looking for Italy travel insurance. Travel Guard covers many countries around the globe and is worth looking into for travel insurance Italy. We received a quote with the same information as for all other companies in this list. It’s a US resident aged 30 who is looking for a quote for five days. The lowest was $78.85.

Although Travel Guard has a great package, Safety Wing is still cheaper. Travel Guard offers the Deluxe Plan, which is their most comprehensive travel insurance plan. It includes extensive coverage, global assistance, and 24-7 emergency travel assistance. There are also Preferred Plan and Essential Plans (the same price as above) and many other options. If you are looking for specific coverage or outdoor activities, Travel Guard may be a good choice. However, it is best to compare their plans with other sources.

4. AXA

AXA is a well-known company that offers travel insurance for Europeans. You can choose a European favourite if you aren’t satisfied with the options above. For 5 days, Italy travel insurance costs approximately $9.

Are you looking for travel insurance in Italy? You’re also interested in budget options. AXA, in addition to Safety Wing, could be a good option. You can also get single-trip insurance if you are traveling less than 90 days within the same country. This insurance is ideal for emergency and mishaps coverage for you and your family.

AXA offers a variety of plans depending on your needs. There are insurances available for frequent travelers, family travel, annual travel, ski travel, as well as insurances that cover medical expenses. AXA’s Travel Insurance doesn’t offer the same coverage as Safety Wing.

5. Protect my trip

A platform that allows you to compare insurance quotes is another option for travel insurance Italy. However, this platform has its drawbacks. Insure My Trip provides multiple options to help you find out how much travel insurance is available in Italy. We requested a quote for the 5 day standard, as a US resident of 30 years, and were provided with three quotes between $7 and $188.

If the above mentioned 4 companies didn’t convince, which I doubt, you can still go to Insure My Trip and get quotes. While they do have the best travel insurance, they don’t include all available options.

Insure My Trip can be used in all cases. You have many options for travel insurance, which is something you should definitely check out. It is important to choose the right plan for you and to find affordable travel insurance that meets your needs. Please, again, make sure you do your research and find the right plan for your needs. Never leave without insurance!

Our suggestions for travel insurance Italy are now complete.

We hope that you have found the perfect Italy travel insurance. Now you can travel safely to Italy. To ensure your safety and protection, you should purchase travel insurance for Italy as well as other countries. You now know the importance of travel insurance. If you have ever wondered: Do I need travel insurance to Italy? Now is the time to fly and enjoy the Italian Dolce Vita.

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