Guide Spotlight: Alessandro – Venice

This blog series features Walks’ guides from around the globe. It also highlights some of the incredible people who walk with us from Rome and New York. We hope that this blog series, along with our tours from home, will bring you some travel inspiration. This is a chance to hear from Walks guests from around the globe!

Today we are joined by Alessandro Trabucco, one of our Venice guides. He shares his tips and tricks for the city, including his favorite piece d’art, as well as his favorite spot in the Veneto region, and other places that inspire his travel bucket list. Alessandro will take care of it.

Tell us something about you.

I was born in Venice, and received my history degree from Ca’Foscari University of Venice. Since 2000, I have been a secondary school teacher of geography, history, and Italian. In 2017, I decided to fulfill my dream and become a guide in my “dream city”. I passed the exams, and I am now a European Guide “Guida Nazionale”. I’m so proud of it because I love explaining my city to tourists.

Tell us about your favorite piece.

The famous Pieta, a painting by Titian Vecellio that is kept at The Accademia Gallery of Venice, is my favorite piece. This is my favorite, because it shows Jesus suffering. Titian also painted the white color with his fingers. He was struck by the plague 1575/6 in Venice. This painting was created as a prayer for Venetian and Venice healing. Mary’s eyes and face are another thing I love about this painting. They look so real. Palma the Young completed this opera after Titian died.

Tell us about your favorite story from Venice that you would like to share with our guests.

My favorite story is always the beginning of Venetian life in the lagoon. It began in the 3rd Century AD, when barbarian invaders attacked. Many Venetians fled to the lagoon and managed to escape. I discuss their relations with the Byzantine empire. Venice was simpler than what we see today. It was small islands with fishermen and hunters, huts and small wooden bridges.

Would you recommend a Venice hidden gem to travelers?

Scala Contarini del Bovolo is one of Venice’s hidden treasures. It can be found in a narrow alley near Campo Manin. Candi and Spavento built this beautiful staircase to lead up to a magnificent palace for the Contarini noble families in Venice during the 15th Century. Because it moves around like a snail, it is called “Bovolo”. The view from the top is spectacular.

Do You have a favorite region in the Veneto area?

Treviso is a well-known city in the country. Most of the buildings are from the 14th/15th centuries, such as the Palazzo dei Trecento which is the city’s government council. You can also visit Treviso the Duomo, which has a Neoclassical facade, one romantic Crypt, and a Titian painting. Santa Caterina also has many medieval frescoes.

Where is your favorite place to visit outside of your hometown?

I would love to travel to the USA to see a lot of the country, including Boston with the pilgrim fathers episodes. Also, to enjoy the beautiful outdoor areas such as the northern regions and the lakes in Texas and Colorado. I would love to visit New York.

Which city or country in the world do think is least well-known and which would you recommend people visit?

As a spiritual and meditation-oriented tourist, I recommend a trip to India.

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