Italy Travel News: April 29-May 7

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Here is a summary of the most recent information and travel news from Italy for April 29 to May 7.

  • Tourists pose for selfies and destroy 18th-century Italian monument

    Tourists who tried to take a selfie in Cremona managed a small piece of an 18th-century sculpture, which is the city’s symbol. This is the lesson, and I’m sorry to say it.

    Photographs are not so important that you have to climb up on art pieces in order to get them; or that you have to destroy or damage something you don’t own. These items are not for your entertainment. These places are not there for entertainment.

    You are a guest if you don’t live there or have the property. It shouldn’t be too much to expect.

  • Restricting Mass Tourism for the Love of Venice

    I thought it would be better for Venice if you needed a permit to visit the city. This is similar to what you need to raft through the Grand Canyon. It would limit the amount of people who flood the city each day.

    This is easy to me, as I have had the opportunity to visit Venice whenever and wherever I want, even on day trips, just like the ones I tell people not make. It is foolish to pretend that Venice’s increased tourism burden is not causing irreparable damage, as I do, and this is the author of this long but well-written piece.

    The only thing that can help save Venice is limiting its tourism.

  • Rome presents the original map of Street Art

    Rome’s street art is not new, but the tourism office in the city has created a map that can be downloaded for free. More than 330 works are highlighted in more than 30 districts throughout the city, including the historic core and the suburbs.

    (This description is in Italian. However, the map can be downloaded from this webpage. It says “Scarica La Mappa della Street Art A Roma.”

  • Italy Explained: Italian Trains by Jessica Spiegel

    I am so happy when my intelligent friends from Italy like my work… Laura of Ciao Amalfi has written a nice review about my book ITALY Explurged: ITALIAN TRINS.

  • Video: Pope Francis performs basketball moves with The Harlem Globetrotters

    This video is THE BEST thing you will ever see.

  • The pope spins the basketball on his finger. YOU GUYS, SPINS A BAKETBALL. It’s only for a second. The ball was set up by one of the players.
  • The Pope is sometimes left hanging by one or more Globetrotters who gives him a high-five. The pontiff is not the only one who can look awkward.
  • The pope was named an HONORARY HARLEM GLOBETTER. The pope can now just drop the mic and walk offstage.

  • Italy’s Museum of Faeces Smells Fresh as a Daisy

    Piacenza cattle farmer found a way to convert cow manure into fuel and bricks. But he didn’t stop there. His Museum of Sh*t now houses an impressive array of (ahem, crappy) artifacts, including fossilized dinosaur feces.

    He is serious about it. It (apparently), doesn’t smell.

  • Man hangs on Pope twice, thinking he’s an impostor

    Pope Francis calls a sick man over the phone. The man thinks it’s a joke and hangs up. Pope calls back. Man hangs up AGAIN. POPE CALLS BACK A THIRD TIMES.

    This makes me laugh so much.

  • What fruits or vegetables are in season May in Italy?

    “Fact: Produce tastes better when it is in season.”

    I agree wholeheartedly, which is exactly why lists such as this are so helpful.

  • Expo 2015 The oldest flour in the world

    This flour is over 30,000 years old and was made from “marsh cattail” (marsh plant). Two things.

  • Archaeologists claim that flour dating back to 30,000 years alters how we view our prehistoric ancestors. They were not just meat-eaters.
  • It has to be possible to make that flour again & do something with it. It’s hard to read about this incredible 30,000-year-old flour and not wonder, “What does it taste like?”
  • Three Great Italian Spring Destinations

    These places are great for spring travel but all three look wonderful for summer.
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