Italy Travel News: March 14-March 25

Here is a summary of the most recent information and travel news from Italy for March 14 to March 25.

  • Electricians Find Ancient Burial Sites

    When digging for anything in Italy can turn up unexpected results, electricians from Sicily became archaeologists after they discovered an ancient burial ground. It could be from the 5th Century B.C.E. according to archaeologists.
  • Tourism Tales: Meetings with Other Tourists in Venice

    This collection of stories about encounters in Venice was a delight. Some made me smile, while others made my eyes water. If you don’t already subscribe to the OG Venice blog and love Venice as much as me, you are missing out.
  • James Bond team wins praises for litter-picking Spectre Shoot

    Locals were astonished that the crew of James Bond’s new film won them over. Although I’m not sure what will happen after the crew has left, I’m certain that graffiti and garbage will return eventually. I’m eager to see the film.
  • Codice Atlantico show in Milan

    Two new Leonardo da Vinci sketches are now on display in Milan, and they will be available to anyone who visits Milan during Expo 2014. More than half of them have never been seen before.
  • Vatican receives ransom note for the stolen Michelangelo letter

    An employee allegedly stole a letter written by Michelangelo in his own hand from the Vatican archives in 1997. However, Vatican officials did not announce this until that month. According to reports, a ransom note demanding $108,000 was recently sent to the Vatican.
  • Supreme court upholds Berlusconi sex-case acquittal

    I feel simultaneously so annoyed and completely unsurprised. Silvio Berlusconi is the best person to ever have used Teflon. He is as corrupt as they come and keeps getting around serious penalties. This would have meant that Italy would see the end of him. But…
  • Berlusconi “returns to the field”

    It’s great that he is acquitted and he can return to politics. It seems like Italy can’t get rid of him…
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