Italy Travel News: May 8-June 1

Here is a summary of the most recent information and travel news from Italy for May 8 to June 1.

  • Episode 6: Dreaming of Italy With Kathy McCabe and Rebecca Winke

    This episode of Eye on Italy podcast features an interview with two of PBS’s “Dream of Italy” series creators. We were given a behind-the scenes look at the production process by Rebecca Winke and Kathy McCabe. They also shared their favorite moments.
  • Rose petals from the Pantheon

    Rose petals are flung through the oculus at the Pantheon in Rome each year to celebrate the feast of Pentecost. It is a beautiful sight and has been practiced for centuries. One day, I will be able to witness this in person. Are you familiar with the Pantheon?
  • Is The City of Venice a Rip-Off Tourists’?

    You can find many good points in this article about the recent complaint that Venice charges tourists more than residents for transportation services. As the author suggests, I believe that doing your research ahead of time is the best way to avoid paying too much for any service – whether it’s in Venice or elsewhere.
  • An Italian Hoedown is as Strange as You Think!

    Pordenone, a northern Italian city, has hosted a Western rodeo twice in a row. It’s a big hit.
  • La Gondola – The Prow and Joy of Venice

    This is a wonderful explanation of the iron symbol on the front of each Venetian gondola.
  • Rome plans ‘minimalist’ Jubilee

    Pope Francis wants to make sure that as many people can complete the Vatican trip during the Jubilee Year. He calls it “real pilgrims”. This means they will be able to travel on foot. It looks like this Jubilee Year will have a lasting impact on pedestrian and bicycle routes to the holy places of Rome.
  • Pompeii shows

    Pompeii’s new exhibit features previously unseen photos and 20 additional casts from some of those who died in 79 C.E. The city was buried by the volcano. Through November 2, 2015, the “Stolen From Death” exhibit will be on display.
  • MyGelato – The First App For Gelato Lovers

    Wait, what? A mobile app that allows you to locate gelato shops. COUNT ME IN.
  • 10 Italian phrases you won’t find in a Travel Dictionary

    While some of these might not be very useful, there are others that can really help travelers.
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