Italy Travel News: November 3, – November 25,

Here is a summary of the most recent information and travel news from Italy for November 3, 19 and 20:

  • Venice – Eight Authors Share Their Loving

    It is an honor to be included in the “Dream of Venice” book’s contributor list. You may have already read my piece on this site .
  • Dream of Venice – Alive and Mysterious

    Another nice review of “Dream of Venice”, the new book. (Have you mentioned that I am in it?)
  • Graffiti From Pompeii

    Although ancient Rome may seem formal and dignified, people back then weren’t saints. This is an example. Here is a list of graffiti that was found in the excavations at Pompeii. This is not modern graffiti, but ancient graffiti. This is amazing. It was passed on by Christine, Miss Expatria.

  • Tourist fined EUR20,000 after carving initial on Rome’s Colosseum

    I thought, “Are you kidding me?” ?

    Second thought: It’s amazing how just a few hundred year can make all the difference. Today, we find “graffiti”, carved by Lord Byron on an old Roman monument. We think it’s beautiful. Is this the guy? What was the Colosseum’s 2014 K carving? Notsomuch.

  • Vatican will install showers for the homeless in St Peter’s Square

    Pope Francis ordered that the Vatican City’s public toilets be renovated after hearing from a Rome homeless man who claimed he was too soiled to go with a Bishop to eat in a restaurant.

    It’s safe to say that the pope I am referring to is the best.

  • Is Rome on Fire?

    According to the Ignorance Index (an Ipsos MORI study conducted in 14 countries), Italians believe that immigrants account for 30 percent of their population. The truth is, it’s only 7 percent. This is less than Britain and Germany (both at 13%), Spain (12%) and France (10%).

    Two things.

    1. It is not unusual for Italians to have a problem with immigrants. However, this essay (and recent news stories) suggests that it is getting worse and not better. This is the exact opposite of what should happen as people are more aware of the world around them. It’s depressing.

    2. The Ignorance Index is a concept. It is a thing. It is both a fascination and a terror to see where the U.S. will end up on this scale. Ugh.

    3. Three things. This essay is a must-read. This essay examines the decayed outskirts and current state of Italy’s cities. It also explains how this decay affects today’s youth.

  • Italian tabloid used to headline racy gelato

    It has been long known that Italy is a hard place for a woman to be a feminist. This tabloid headline, which suggested that a female member was having an affair with an ice cream cone, is not surprising. It’s a good backlash. I don’t believe anything will change. Even if they aren’t, women in Italy still have the right to be treated fairly. They are in positions of power.
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