Italy Travel News: October 7-18

Here is a summary of the most recent information and travel news from Italy for October 7-18, 2010.

  • A guide for urbanists to Rome

    For good reason, “patience” is “holy” in this country. You learn to smile, shrug, and ignore any inane reasons someone gives you to explain why you cannot do the same thing you see others doing. After being told “no”, you are able to ask again and find out that “yes” is often the fifth time. Things happen slowly, but eventually they do. And it doesn’t matter how long it took to build St Peter’s; it’s still there today. Patience, humor and patience are vital; miracles can be useful but not essential.

    This is what I love about Italy. The chaos is instructive.

  • Parmigiano Reggiano Night 2014

    One event was held in 2012 to raise awareness about the devastating earthquakes that struck Emilia-Romagna. People were invited to parmigiano reggiano night 2012, where they prepared the same menu in their homes as if they were sharing a meal.

    Parmigiano Reggiano Night 2014 (because it’s now an annually held event) will be held on Saturday, October 25th. It has adopted the hashtag #dinnertogether. Participants can either cook a meal at home or take a group to one of the participating restaurants. The website has more information and you can sign up.

  • Top Tips to Travel to Italy With Kids

    I highly recommend this list of (holy-wow!) travel tips from Ciao Bambino for anyone planning a trip to Italy with children. Although it’s great stuff, I would argue that Rome’s Gladiator School doesn’t just cater to boys.
  • Navigating in Venice Like a Native

    My friend Nan McElroy gives a rowing lesson in this article on the traditional Venice rowing style. Learn more about taking a Venice rowing lesson.

  • Venice plans PS100m artificial Island to stop cruise ships from invading Grand Canal

    Cruise ships currently dock in Venice, which causes quite a lot of damage to the city’s historic and fragile buildings. New proposals aim to reduce that damage by creating an artificial cruise terminal island in Adriatic Sea. The catamaran would ferry passengers to the Venetian islands.

    Because Venice is my favorite place on the planet I support any effort to limit the destruction caused by these giant ships. This is what I’m curious about.

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