Italy Travel News: September 20-30

Here is a summary of the most recent Italy travel news for September 20-30:

  • Unveiled first-ever in Rome the frescoed rooms of Augustus, Roman emperor.

    “Lavishly frescoed bedrooms” were opened to the public in the Palatine Hill houses of Augustus, the Roman Emperor, and Livia last week. This was “after years of painstaking restoration.”

    These are simply… WOW.

  • Naples – Less Garbage and Just as Much to Love

    I love Naples and I love to read articles written by people who also love it. This article is written by Amanda, my friend.
  • Picasso in Florence: From the Mercato Centrale up to Palazzo Strozzi, and Back

    Florence may be a place that makes you think of Renaissance art. But there is a Picasso exhibit at two new venues in the city. It’s a partnership between the Palazzo Strozzi & the somewhat-unlikely-gallery-space of the Central Market, where “Pablo al Mercato” showcases pieces done in the style of Picasso using the famous market as the subject. Get a 15% discount coupon for the Picasso exhibit at Palazzo Strozzi if you go to the market first. This offer is valid until January 25, 2015.
  • Why don’t Italians have Cappuccino after Dinner?

    My friend Amanda tackled several old wives’ tales about health in Italy. She went to doctors to verify the belief.
  • Introduction Frommer’s Translator

    Although I haven’t tried it yet, I thought I’d share it in case anyone is planning a trip to Italy. An article I found mentioned that the app can even handle slang. This would be great in Italy. I wonder if it can handle gestures? (Kidding. Mostly.)
  • Italy’s prime Minister: “Everything must be changed in Italy”

    My friend Michelle said it on Facebook: “OH, IS THAT ALL?”
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