Italy Travel News: September 8-September 28

Here is a summary of the most recent Italy travel news from September 8 to September 28.

  • Lego Vatican – Everything is Awesome in Philadelphia

    For the Pope’s visit to the USA, a priest from Philadelphia spent 10 months building a replica of St. Peter’s Basilica and St. Peter’s Square using LEGO.

    This. Is. Everything.

  • Archaeologists Find a Pre-Roman Tomb in Pompeii

    An unusual pre-Roman tomb found at Pompeii. It contained not only “grave items”, but also a skull. WHOA, MAN. Italy is truly the gift that keeps giving.
  • Top 5 Weird Foods You Will Find in Italy

    Even though I cannot eat the casu marzu from Sardinia I have tried it and would love to. You?
  • Venice’s historical Regatta Storica, in photos

    The Regata Storica, Venice’s historic boat race, is simply breathtaking. These are some stunning photos from this year’s event.
  • 14 Giotto Works Exhibited in Milan

    The Palazzo Reale will host 14 Giotto works that have never been displayed in Milan. They will be on display until January 10, 2016. This show is part of a partnership with Milan Expo. It will close at the end October 2015.
  • Confetti From Sulmona – The sweet side of Abruzzo

    You might think that “confetti” is tiny bits of paper. Then read this Italian translation to find out the truth. truth.
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