Milan in December – What To Do & How To Do It

It’s great to visit Italy in December! Each Italian city offers something different during the holidays. But Milan is our choice this year. The is the elegant northern city. Enjoy the cool temperatures of the Alps while you shop for Christmas in Italy’s top shopping destination. Milan has so many incredible events in December, and so many to see, that it will be difficult for you to choose. Get your winter gear on and enjoy these top December events.

O Bej O Bej, 5 Dec – 8 Dec

The O Bej O Bej, Milan’s traditional Christmas marketplace, is held on Saint Ambrogio (Ambrose), the city’s patron Saint. It was once held at piazza Sant’Ambrogio (the piazza of its namesake church), but it has since grown to be larger and moved in front the Castello Sforzesco. Milanese tradition: The festival’s name comes from the Milanese dialect that the children used to describe the market when they first saw it. It means “Oh beautiful, Oh beautiful!” You can shop at booths selling traditional winter street food such as chestnuts, mulled wines, and roasted sliced beefs.

La Scala Opening Night – 7 Dec

The historic center of Milan is home to La Scala, Milan’s most famous theatre. You can now prepare for the opening night at La Scala by finding the right outfit via Montenapoleone. This is Milan’s most beloved and deeply felt society event. Even if your are not able to attend, you can walk around the area near the entrance and see celebrities from fashion, politics, and showbusiness arrive for the Premiere. The opening of the year features “Fidelio”, by Ludwig van Beethoven. It will be conducted by Daniel Bareinboim. You can also celebrate Christmas at La Scala with a Christmas concert. On December 21, La Scala presents Ludwig van Beethoven, Missa solemnis in D major. op. 123 with soloists and chorus, orchestra.

Festa degli Artigiani, until 8 Dec

The indoor Festa degli Artigiani is the largest international craft and art fair. It fills the Rho fair grounds pavilions with stands, companies, and artisans from all over the world. The fair is divided into continents, then further divided into countries. It promotes the creativity, art, and culture of individual countries through its food and products. It is free to attend and could be the perfect solution for your Christmas shopping.

Galleria Lights and Duomo Christmas Tree

Milan is a must-see on any trip. You can visit the Duomo, the city’s number one cathedral, to see its Christmas decorations and annual Christmas tree. You can then walk to the Galleria, Milan’s oldest shopping center, to view it lit up. The historic center glows with Christmas lights and decorations at the storefronts, creating a festive atmosphere. You want to learn more about Milan’s Duomo .

New Year’s Eve Lugano 31 Dec

It can be difficult to travel on New Year’s Eve. However, a huge outdoor party can help ease the travel blues. Lugano actually is in Switzerland. However, it’s not quite as far as you think. The city is located approximately an hour north from Milan via highway and can be reached by train, bus, or car. Around 11 p.m., the New Year’s Eve celebrations begin at Piazza della Rinforma. People dance, sing and celebrate before the New Year. The New Year’s Eve celebration brings together locals and tourists alike. There is also light and photo show and music throughout.

How to get there

It is easiest to take the train from Milano Centrale Train Station. The journey takes approximately one hour and there are multiple trips per days. Tickets are available for as low as 19 euros to as high at 23 euro.

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