Palermo Street Food

The Virtual Tourist compiled a ranking that placed Palermo at 5th among the top producers of “street food”.

The street food tour, which includes the tour of Palermo’s ancient markets, is an absolute must today.

It’s a fast and simple way to see the history, art, flavours, and civilizations of .

Palermo’s sidestreet sells all kinds of goods. There are stalls selling colorful merchandise and Palermitans used to eat street food that they could spit out with their hands.

Pane panelle and crocche (cazzilli), fritters. Arancine (rice croquettes). Carduna, cacuocciuli, vruocculi (thistles artichokes, broccoli fried in butter). Milinciani Fritte (fried eggplant), Pesce Cicireddu (fried little fish), sfinciuni, pane con la miza (bread with spleen).

stigghiola (grilled, skevered lamb innards or goat innards), pole bollito (boiled octopus), seafood, Babbaluci Boiling and seasoned snails

Boiled corn cobs, cedar slices with salt, watermelon slices, and roasted chestnuts are just a few of the many treats you can find here.

Roasted chestnuts – Ph I. Mannarano

Palermo street food. For more information, please refer to the book

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