Sicily food festivals and parties

Food is an art form and culture in every corner of the island.

Festivals and parties celebrating the best food are held all over the world.

Let’s begin with the pistachio. This gastronomic gem of Bronte in the province of Catania is a mainstay during the festival in September. There will be free guided tours of the historic center of Bronte as well as contemporary art exhibitions.

In September, the Cous Cous Fest is held in San Vito Lo Capo near Trapani. It features ten days full of exciting culinary competitions and couscous tastings. There are also cooking classes for children and adults, as well as concerts.

Cous Cous Fest goes beyond food. It is also the International Festival of Cultural Integration, which celebrates the couscous dish as peace among peoples.

The Festival of wheat and bread in September is a dream come true in late summer. It’s two days of revival for the humble peasant world in Catenanuova. The typical products can be tasted accompanied by songs, dances, folk music, and people dressed in 40s-style.

Let’s talk about bread. We will be tasting the black bread of Castelvetrano near Trapani. It is made from two types of durum Sicilian Blond Wheat and a local durum wheat variety, the Tumminia. Both are whole and are ground in stone mills.

Let’s head to San Cono in the province of Catania for the Festival of Prickly Pear. Since 1984, October is the time when the number one Sicilian fruit in the world has been celebrated.

Even in Roccapalumba near Palermo and Santa Margherita Belice Agrigento, we can find October taste workshops, guided tastings, and sweets made with the prickly pears, as well as a whole menu that is based on this delicious fruit.

Another preparation made with prickly pear is also available in Sicily, called mustard. Let’s try it in Gagliano Castleferrato in Enna and in Militello Val di Catania near Catania.

October is a small town on Etna where the Ottobrata Zafferanese event takes place. This weekend is dedicated to apples and mushrooms, honey, and chestnuts. There are also cooking schools involved that provide meals for visitors.

The truffle is the star of the fall in Capizzi. It takes place in October.

We travel to Modica (near Ragusa) in December to celebrate the town’s treasure: chocolate. Participate in the Choco Modica to celebrate chocolate amongst the baroque wonders of the town.

You should not miss the Festival of the Ricotta Cannoli in Piana degli Albanesi in April in the province of Palermo. This festival features cannoli and cassata made daily by local pastry chefs, with icing, candied fruits, and chocolate chips. Let’s take a walk through the village to see the typical Sicilian handcrafted products on display. Local folk groups perform and entertain throughout the day.

Let’s find out about the castella di Agira. It is located in the province of Enna. It tastes great with almonds, chocolate, and other flavors. In November, it is named in honor of the festival.

The artichoke is also sweet in Sicily. This is possible in Cerda in the province of Palermo. During the Artichoke Festival on April 25, you can enjoy a complete lunch of artichoke-related products at street events.

The festival of ricotta is a cultural and culinary event that celebrates the high production of fresh and aged cheeses. It takes place in Vizzini and ends in late April.

Let’s try the Nebrodi cheese in Cesaro, and don’t forget the Festival of the Black Pig and Porcini mushrooms in November.

Let’s enjoy the absolute star of the island, fish, in the summer. There are many occasions to try it and many festivals around Sicily. Lipari, Capo Orlando, Lipari, and Riposto are just a few of the places you can find it.

This is just a small glimpse of Sicilian cuisine and culture.

Let’s end with the Paranza Fest in the charming fishing village of Acicastello in August. Here, you can enjoy hot and delicious fried fish as you walk by the ocean.

Let’s not forget about other specialties: let’s have a surprise!

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