Pictures of the Top 7 Italian Opera Houses

Opera is one of Italy‚Äôs most beloved arts. Some of Italy’s stunning opera houses are considered masterpieces. These are the top 7 Italy opera theatres. They will make you want to dress up and go to a performance.

La Scala (Flickr @John Picken

1. Teatro alla Scala – Milan

Milan’s opera house is a well-known theater. It’s famous for its neoclassical exterior and lush interior, as well as the thousands of highly acclaimed performances. The theater was opened in 1778. It survived the devastating bombings of World War II and underwent a major renovation. Season opens on December 7, which is the celebration of Milan’s patron saint Sant’Ambrogio. Tickets for performances usually sell out months in advance. For a glimpse at the theater’s beautiful architecture, we recommend visiting the museum during the day.

Arena di Verona (flickr @ McPig)

2. Arena di Verona – Verona

The Arena di Verona, a Roman arena that dates back 2,000 years, is alive and well in summer. Although the Arena di Verona isn’t technically an opera house it is considered the best place to see international opera performances.

La Fenice (Flickr @Steve Collis)

3. Teatro La Fenice – Venice

Literally translated to “The Phoenix”, this opera house is well-known for its resilience, having survived two fires. Woody Allen, along with many other prominent celebrities and politicians, came together to save the theater that had been home to composers like Beethoven and Wagner. They also wanted to preserve its rich culture following its second devastating fire. La Fenice is more beautiful than ever and attracts music lovers all over the globe for its New Year’s Eve concert.

Teatro Carlo Felice (wiki commons: Jensens)

4. Teatro Carlo Felice – Genoa

Carlo Felice’s unique and modern neoclassical architecture distinguishes it from other Italian opera houses. It also boasts some of the most impressive acoustics in the world. It was built to be a reflection of its hometown, so visitors can enjoy the performances from large piazzas and narrow balconies that are similar to those found in Genoa’s winding streets.

Teatro San Carlo (Flickr @Pietro Motta)

5. Teatro di San Carlo – Naples

The theater, which was inaugurated in 1737 is the oldest opera house in Italy. It is also known for its enormous size. Its proximity to Naples’ Palazzo Reale is no coincidence. The San Carlo theater was built to connect to the palace, so the royal family could have direct access.

Teatro Massimo (Flickr @queulat00)

6. Teatro Massimo – Palermo

Even if Palermo is not on your bucket list, you might have seen this Belle epoque theatre built for King Vittorio. Its appearance in the Godfather III may have helped you recognize it. This enormous opera house is the largest in Europe, and is well-known for its exceptional acoustics.

Teatro Petruzzelli (Wikicommons: vob85)

7. Teatro Petruzzelli – Bari

These theaters share a common theme of being rebuilt and destroyed. But what makes this theater unique is its private ownership. The Petruzzeli family takes great pride supporting the arts. Internationally acclaimed artists like Frank Sinatra or Ray Charles have graced this stage.

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