The Eternal City: Top 10 Things To Do In Rome

Rome has been voted one of the top tourist destinations in the world. There’s so much to see. Here’s a list of the top 10 things you should do while in Rome, including the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain, Vatican Museums, and the best food tours and walking tours.

Rome has a reason to be called the Eternal City. No matter how many times visitors have visited the iconic sights of Rome, they will always remember them.

Rome is the home of some of the most iconic landmarks in the world, including the Vatican City, Trastevere, and Trevi Fountain, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the Vatican Museums.

We have compiled a list of the top attractions to visit in Italy because there are so many things you can do.

Top 10 Things To Do in Rome:

The Coliseum, Rome’s famous amphitheater, is a must-see attraction.
The Rome Colosseum

The Colosseum is located east of the Roman Forum. It dates back to 72 AD and was built to accommodate 50,000-80,000 people for gladiatorial shows, executions, and reenactments.

Although the Colosseum is still standing, it has been damaged by earthquakes and time. It’s still a magnificent building. You can skip the line by booking a tour at the Rome Colosseum prior to your visit.

Combining a walking tour through Rome with authentic Roman food is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Rome. You can also enjoy artisanal treats like gelato, pizza, and suppli.
Rome’s Walking and Food Tours

While walking tours are the best way of seeing Rome, food tours offer the best combination of sightseeing and the chance to savor delicious Italian cuisines and gelato spots.

Vatican City

The Vatican City is located in the heart of Rome. It is one of the most popular and important attractions in Italy.

Works of Art in the Borghese Galerie

Rome’s Borghese Gallery, or The Galleria Borghese, is famous for its most famous works created in the Renaissance period.

The Borghese Gallery houses twenty rooms filled with paintings and sculptures by famous artists such as Titian, Bernini, and Caravaggio. The Villa Borghese’s gardens should not be missed. They usually require either a separate ticket or a combined ticket price.

Stroll through the Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums house the public art and sculpture museums of the Vatican City. They showcase works from an extensive collection that has been amassed over the centuries by the Catholic Church, and the papacy, and includes many of the most famous Roman sculptures and some of the most important Renaissance masterpieces in the world.

The Vatican Museums’ most coveted ceiling frescoes by Michelangelo are undisputed highlights.
The Sistine Chapel

It would be impossible to visit Rome without seeing the Sistine Chapel or Michelangelo’s masterpiece on the ceiling of the Vatican Museums.

The main attraction of the Sistine Chapel is still its frescoes, which continue to attract millions.

The famous Renaissance paintings, which span from floor to ceiling, are everywhere in the Vatican Museum. They cannot be missed and should not be missed when viewed in person.

See the Trevi Fountain

Rome is home to many beautiful fountains, but Trevi Font is the largest at 20 m in width and 26 m in height. It was built in 19 B.C. and was considered a modern wonder.

Today, we take fountains for granted. But fountains were still relatively new in the early days. Trevi Fountain, an exceptional example of Renaissance art in moving form, is not an exception.

St. Peter’s Basilica

The Vatican City towers above Rome’s skyline, housing artifacts, treasures, and other sights that are sure to attract millions of tourists each year.

St. Peter’s Basilica is one such sight. It’s truly breathtaking. St. The dome of St.

Santa Maria

Santa Maria Maggiore, a Papal church, is the largest Catholic Marian church in Rome. Visitors can view the baroque masterpieces of art and recent renovations to Santa Maria. Santa Maria, a lesser-known landmark of Rome, offers visitors a more intimate experience.


Trastevere is the place to go if you are looking for lively nightlife, as well as some of the most popular restaurants, bars, and clubs, or a slower-paced pub. Trastevere, a district of Rome, has two universities.

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