Seven Italian Honeymoons that haven’t been done to death

Few destinations are more romantic than Italy if you are planning your honeymoon. Italy is the best destination for a honeymoon. You could also head to the classic honeymoon destinations (Rome and Florence, Venice, Venice, Amalfi Coast), but your luna di meele is something you will never forget. The Trevi Fountain is a great place to start your honeymoon, but if you want to add romance, try Italy’s hidden romantic gems.

Lecce, Puglia

Puglia is located in the boot of Italy and remains one of the most under-explored regions of Italy. It’s a shame because this region is stunning, with miles of countryside, small medieval towns, and a gorgeous coastline. Stay in Lecce for a relaxing, sun-soaked honeymoon. You can explore the small towns and rural areas nearby.


We all know that you’ll find a bus or two here. Verona is a perfect destination for a romantic getaway in Italy. This is the place where Shakespeare created Romeo and Juliet. You can also visit Juliet’s “house”, “balcony” and “balcony” right now. There are many other things the city has to offer. Its art and architecture, including an ancient Roman amphitheatre (the third-largest in Italy), to important medieval churches, have earned it a place on the UNESCO heritage listing.


Umbria is often called the lesser-known version of Tuscany. It has the same rolling hills and excellent food as Tuscany. Umbria also boasts medieval hilltop villages, which are not well-known. As a peaceful base from which to explore the surrounding countryside and towns like Orvieto and Assisi, you might consider a town such as Spoleto, Narni, or Todi. If you’re looking to visit a few towns in Umbria, driving is your best option. But, it’s easy for people to get lost. Trains are a better alternative.


Turin is one of Italy’s most vibrant cities if you are looking for sophistication and urban energy. The city’s architecture, which combines Baroque, rococo, and neoclassical with Art Nouveau, is striking. There are many gardens, palaces, public squares, and castles. Turin offers a lot of culturally-minded activities, such as shopping, concerts, and museums. Turin is home to the second-most important Egyptian collection in the world, a museum dedicated to cinema and a museum dedicated entirely to cars.


Italy’s “Lake District”

There are many beautiful lakes scattered across Italy’s northern region. Many lakes, such as Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano, and Lake Garda are popular with Europeans and Italians. If you prefer solitude, then try one of the smaller gems. These lakes, which are more popular, are not only beautiful, but also have elegant (and expensive) resorts, hotels, and spas. Are you feeling sporty? You can go paragliding, mountain biking, or boating.

Taormina, Sicily

Sicily is a fascinating mix of cultures and delicious food. It also has miles of beautiful coastline. Taormina is a stunningly positioned spot that overlooks the coast and Mt. One of the top spots is the Etna volcano (pictured at top). It’s perfect, off the beaten track, with everything you need, from a medieval quarter to castle ruins, to a used Greek theatre.


Sardinia has it all, whether you are looking for an exclusive resort with all-inclusive amenities or a peaceful, ancient town. You will find the most glamorous beaches and hotels on Costa Smeralda. If you want to truly “get away” from it all, consider other coastlines. The beaches of Oristano and Buggerru on the western shore are well-known. But the beaches along the southern coast near Villasimius are less crowded.

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