Sicilian carts

The symbol of Sicilian folklore and tradition is the Sicilian carts. Their origin dates back to the 8th Century. They are well-known all over the globe. They were once used to transport any type of goods and were made by ” carradori“, skilled craftsmen.

There were many types of craftsmen involved in the construction of this cart. They started with ” U firraru“, a blacksmith who made all the iron parts. Then came ” _u siddaru“, a saddler and ornamenter of horses with ribbons, bows, and golden nails.

Finally, there was “HT0_ u ferrascecchi “, (blacksmith), who looked after the horse’s shoes and the carvers. They decorated the sides of each cart with intricate engravings and paintings, as well as rich paintings.

Different features are represented by the colorful decorations: From the sacred images of Mary or the Saints to episodes of chivalric novellas, from folk epic scenes from everyday life to historical events, and from episodes of chivalric novels to episodes of chivalric novels. These beautiful examples of Island’s popular culture can be seen especially at the folk festival parades. One of the most well-known festivals is the feast of S. Alfio in Trecastagni Catania.

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