Sicilian inspiration

The extraordinary opportunity that concerns smell or taste: That is the true meaning of Sicilian Inspiration, which always plays the right keys.

Palermo and Catania are home to thousands of attractions. They are located in the religious sign Saint Rosalia, Agata, and Lucia.

Etna is a world in itself, thanks to its irresistible appeal. The Volcano and its spectacular eruption of lava remind us of hell. However, you will be surprised by an unexpected nature that will take you on a variety of adventures, starting from a simple excursion to skiing sight-see sea.

The Pearl of the Jonio lies between the two largest centers of Sicily. Taormina is a popular destination for international tourism and synonym (Bella vita). You will remember the walk along Corso Umberto, the visit to Teatro Greco, the descent by cable car through the incredible Isola Bella, and the excursion to the burgh of Castelmola.

You will eat pecorino ice cream while walking along Via Atenea. The facades of beautiful buildings capture the sunsets in the Valle dei Templi.

The Duomo is Messina and contains the polyphonic organ. It is a treasure trove of medieval artifacts and the most complex mechanical and astrological clocks in the world. The artistic fountains that tell the story of Scilla or Cariddi will be visible, and you’ll lose sight of the largest port on the strait of the Mediterranean; there you can taste the best swordfish.

Ragusa is a city with two souls: the modern site, and the charming Ibla. This baroque lounge will take you to San Giorgio’s Duomo through small and magical alleyways. It will delight you to try the famous scacce or mpanatigghi biscuits, which will suddenly meet with veal fillets and local chocolate.

Trapani will allow you to experience the “Processione dei Misteri”, which includes visiting the Isola di Mozia and its museum. You’ll also feel part of the natural world at Salt-mines in Marsala, Riserva dello Zingaro, and Erice. After eating red prawns and vastedda, you’ll reach the medieval atmosphere of Erice. In a short time, you’ll reach the Egadi.

The Island is not complete without the Pantelleria black pearl, Ustica, its depths, and the Pelagie crystal water.

Enna will delight you in the inner side. It is the European tallest urbanity with its stunning landscape of Rocca di Ceere, Castello di Lombardia, and Torre di Federico. Pergusa Lake is home to rare and migratory species as well as a wide range of fauna.

Caltanissetta is home to the artistic masterpieces of the XV Century at Diocesano Museum. Also, you can’t miss the Rocca Donne and Church of Santo Spirito, which dominate the city.


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