Sicily lures Travelers with Helping to Pay For Flights and Hotels During Travel Resumes

Future Travel in Sicily

Travel to Sicily will open up once again, but travel in and out is currently blocked. The Sicilian government offers a special incentive to encourage travelers to return.

According to the Sicilian government, 50% of all airfare will be paid for tourists to this beautiful Italian island.

The EUR500 million funds will also cover the cost of one night hotel stay for each three nights booked by travelers.

This special offer, “Empty for full,” will be available once Italy opens its borders. According to the Sicilian tourism office, vouchers for discounted flights and museum tickets as well as hotels will be available on the official tourism website Visit Sicily.

Although travel to Sicily is not yet open, it is slowly opening up.

By waiving entrance fees to museums, historic landmarks and Sicily’s most iconic sites, the government will double down on the estimated EUR1billion in tourism dollars lost. These waived fees are estimated to cost around EUR45million.

The Current Situation in Italy

It has been slowly opening up Italy by the leadership, realizing that it cannot keep its citizens in lockdown for too long.

Restaurants in Sicily are in high demand from diners, but they will open slowly.

Italy’s second phase of its reopening began earlier this week. Take-out was allowed in restaurants and bars. Restaurants can be opened to small groups of diners who wear masks later in the month.

Workers in the construction and manufacturing sectors were allowed to return work, and residents can enjoy their parks again.

Retail stores, museums, and libraries will reopen their doors starting May 18th. Italy’s residents will also open beauty salons and barbershops on June 1st.

The biggest challenge for the government and tourism officials in Italy is still to figure out how to reopen Sicily, and the rest of Italy. Is it possible to socially disengage from pools, beaches and restaurants?

These questions must still be answered before tourism can begin. Visitors are welcome to return to Italy’s famous Island of Sicily.

Sicily hopes travelers will return to Sicily in the near future.

Top Attractions of Sicily

Here’s a list of top places and attractions in Sicily. Etna, Valley of the Temples and Trapani are just a few of the stunning views of the Mediterranean. Another popular destination is Modica, Sicily.

Although Italy has not yet set a date, the fund will apply to all travel booked after that time. Visit Sicily’s tourism site to learn more. This offer is not yet available, so make sure you check back frequently. This is an offer that you won’t be able to refuse when it becomes available.

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